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Under the pressure of today's overall economy, a large number of home furnishing companies are facing bottlenecks in the same development status. Some insiders even pointed out that in the next 5-8 years, there will be half discount companies that will face the outcome of being screened or combined. Therefore, in the face of such a dilemma, how should aluminum alloy door and window companies break the bottleneck and complete the transformation and promotion

in the future, the primary strategic promotion direction of home furnishing companies is "whole house customization" and "differentiation". The "whole house customization" strategy is to provide a one-stop all-round treatment plan with a common personality from design, hard decoration, home furnishing to soft decoration according to the consumers' pursuit of lifestyle, which will change the traditional spending habits and deeply affect the industrial format

"differentiation" is a differentiation based on the differentiation of goods and services, combined with unique brand positioning. At present, there are many famous brands in aluminum alloy door and window home furnishing companies, but most of them are selling brands with popularity but no reputation smashed through crushing advertising. Due to the lack of differentiated goods and service support, and the lack of clear-cut brand positioning and three-dimensional brand image, such brands have become three no brands without temperature, feelings and personality, and gradually lose their influence on consumers

the key of strategic transformation: breaking the bottleneck of arrangement can build

in addition to external integration and internal training of corresponding strategic professional talents (such as design talents based on lifestyle, integration of decoration and home furnishings, large-scale customization of furniture, and o2o combined sales), it is more crucial to break the bottleneck of arrangement can build. Traditional aluminum alloy door and window companies generally have problems such as poor strategic execution, low degree of standardization of arrangement, high cost of cross departmental coordination, disjointed research, production and marketing, lagging information construction, excessive rationality of arrangement relationship (family, friendship, hometown), insufficient rationality, messy interpersonal relationships, prevalence of hidden rules, lack of talents, slow growth of employees and so on. If it is not handled in time, it will not only make the strategic transformation hopeless, but also directly cause the company crisis

many companies also recognize that the time has come for strategic transformation and arrangement to build, and have made the right deployment, but why is it difficult to make the transformation? Usually, the crux is that there is no transformation of leadership, that is, the team building often fails to keep up with the pace of transformation. There are three centers to complete the leadership Transformation: the first place, clear the transformation leadership standards and conduct a talent inventory; Second, adjust the team and activate the stock; Third, introduce increment, improve ability, and make differences. As Liu Chuanzhi, a famous company advocate, "set up a team, set a strategy and lead the team". If we grasp the leadership transformation, we will also grasp the bull nose of the strategic transformation of traditional aluminum alloy door and window companies





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