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Facing the era of trust crisis and more events that subvert our thoughts, my heart can't help asking: what else can we believe? It is becoming more and more important to rebuild the trust between people

in this crisis era, Shiyou flooring still uses its own actions to fulfill its promises, so that consumers can find some trust in this era of trust crisis, and create our trust era

what is the most news in 2014? In the star gossip circle, there are all kinds of cheating doors, whoring doors, drug abuse doors, articles, Huang Haibo, Ke Zhendong, Jaycee Chan and so on. These good men images of sunshine and national husbands are suddenly discounted in people's hearts, and recently, Yao Chen is also involved; People are stunned, but they can't help shouting: don't believe in love anymore, don't believe in marriage anymore, and don't believe in idols anymore! So, what else can we believe

nowadays, we are in an era of serious trust crisis, which is not only reflected in public figures, but also exposed in the home decoration industry. Businesses boast about the functions of products, making it difficult for consumers to distinguish between true and false. After being disappointed again and again, they begin to distrust the brand. This is reflected not only in unknown small brands, but also in big brands

in recent years, due to the unqualified events of some well-known brand flooring in the flooring industry, consumers have raised more and more questions about the quality of brand flooring, and the credit of the entire flooring industry has reached an extremely critical situation

enterprise propaganda exaggerates, and the flooring industry encounters a credit crisis

nowadays, the competition in the flooring industry is very fierce. In order to stand out from many competitors, many flooring enterprises constantly exaggerate in the process of self propaganda, so as to win the favor of more consumers

for example, environmental protection is now a hot topic, because with the improvement of living standards, consumers have higher and higher requirements for home health. Some flooring enterprises seize the psychology of consumers and constantly emphasize that their products are very environmentally friendly in publicity, and some even publicize that their flooring products are "zero formaldehyde"

in fact, it is impossible for the floor to reach zero formaldehyde. The raw material of the floor is wood, which itself contains formaldehyde. Even if a special production process is adopted, there is no way to control the release of formaldehyde to zero

Shiyou flooring has strictly controlled the quality and won full praise

in such an era of credit crisis, Shiyou flooring is still loved by the majority of consumers, and was rated as the top ten most loved by consumers in 2014 not long ago. What is the winning trick of Shiyou flooring? Xiaobian finally found the answer by visiting Shiyou floor

since its inception, Shiyou flooring has always adhered to "quality first". Shiyou flooring firmly believes that quality is the life of an enterprise. Only with quality can we have the foundation for the long-term development of the brand. This sentence is easier said than done. Over the years, Shiyou flooring has been down-to-earth, conscientious, and tried to do its best to achieve the best quality and service. To accept the opinions of consumers with an open mind is the fundamental reason why Shiyou flooring can occupy a place in the hearts of consumers for a long time

after more than ten years of efforts, there are also some twists and turns during this period, from the selection of A-level raw materials to the chip inspection of moisture content, and then to the 2011 world friend flooring won the highest award in China's quality industry - the national quality award. In the process of continuous development, Shiyou flooring has also won the affirmation of more and more consumers

Shiyou flooring did not stop because of this, but continued to explore products that were more in line with the interests of consumers. In 2012, the advent of net aldehyde E0 series products made the environmental protection level of floor products reach a new level. It provides consumers with a healthier home environment

in the future world, flooring enterprises need to pay more attention to the quality and quality of products. Rather than unrealistic advertising. Only enterprises that truly seek the interests of consumers can be evergreen

Shiyou flooring truly seeks benefits for consumers and wins the trust of consumers with first-class quality. This is not only the commitment of Shiyou flooring, but also the responsibility of society. To be a responsible enterprise, only such an enterprise will win the trust of consumers in the future




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