Laying process of PVC plastic floor

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1、 PVC plastic floor tiles should not be laid outdoors in commercial kitchens, food production areas and key industrial areas

2. Before and during construction, the minimum temperature of construction should be at least 15 degrees. It is recommended that the maximum temperature in commercial buildings should not be higher than 36 degrees, and the minimum temperature after construction should not be lower than 12 degrees. If these temperatures cannot be met, the floor tiles and glue cannot achieve the desired effect. (when the special climate and temperature need to be improved, the best construction method can be determined and adjusted by professional technicians according to the current situation)

3. When PVC plastic floor tiles enter the construction site, first count the quantity, and confirm the quantity and quality of floor tiles with the owner or contractor. When PVC plastic floor tiles enter the site, if the outdoor temperature is too different from the indoor temperature, the floor entering the site must be placed on site for 12-24 hours, so as to completely agree with the site temperature. PVC plastic floor tiles must be placed flat and neatly when entering the site. They can be overlapped and cannot be placed vertically. When placing, do not block the passage, and place them in place at one time to avoid the second movement during construction

II. Tools required for laying PVC plastic floor tiles

1. A tape measure with a length of more than 5 meters

2. The special scraper is mainly used for coating glue. The shape of the scraper is a right angle trapezoid with serrations. The tooth pitch is 5-8mm and the tooth depth is 2.5-3mm. If it is worn after use, it should be repaired immediately with a triangular file to restore it to the specified standard

3. Special glue, mainly composed of acrylic resin, is water-based in the early stage and solvent-based in the late stage. It has the performance of self-adhesive, but it has strong viscosity, strong construction cycle, ideal for large-area construction, strong waiting time after gluing, and strong waterproof performance. It is suitable for all kinds of ground with poor permeability, and it is forbidden for sanding ground. The construction area is about 4-6 square meters per kilogram

4. An ink bucket, the ink line should not be too thick, which is mainly used to set the center line and the laying and drawing lines of different colors of the surrounding borders, or to make some piecing

5. A good art knife, pay special attention to the blade should be hard and thick, and can be equipped with a variety of blades. The art knife plays a major role in the construction, and the quality of cutting edges and the effect of patchwork are directly related to it

6. The rubber hammer used to hammer the floor tiles should be used to help complete each floor tile during construction. The quality of the rubber hammer must be good. If it is too poor, it will leave black marks when hammering

7. Shovels and hammers are also essential. They should be used to deal with hard and convex cement or iron during construction

III. The perception of the construction effect is closely related to the measurement

the size of the remaining floor tiles beside the wall and the amount of materials used are directly related to the measurement. After arriving at the construction site, measure the length and width of the construction site and confirm how many floor tiles should be laid, which are obtained after measurement. Home improvement website

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