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Although the integrated wall has been introduced into the market since 2012, consumers officially began to accept it in 2014. During the previous period, customers had no idea about the integrated wall decoration materials.

although the integrated wall had been introduced into the market in 2012, consumers officially began to accept it in 2014. During the previous period, customers had no idea about the integrated wall decoration materials, One brand has been quietly laying a solid foundation for the development of the integrated wall industry

the wall decoration of ordinary home decoration mainly includes paint, wallpaper and ceramic tiles, which can be selected and used according to the nature of the room and the preferences of the owner. Ceramic tiles are widely used for wall decoration in kitchens and bathrooms, and paint and wallpaper are widely used for decoration in living rooms, bedrooms, restaurants, etc. The product properties of paint and wallpaper make it difficult to clean the wall. If it's just ordinary dust, use feather dusters, vacuum cleaners and other tools to deal with it. If it's other stains, such as watercolor pigments, it's a headache. This phenomenon is common in families with children

when the integrated wall is cleaned, it can be wiped with a wet rag, while the painted wall can only be repainted to cover the stain if the stain area is large; Wallpaper stains can be removed with an eraser. If the stain area is large or difficult to remove, it can only be pasted again. Whether it's repainting or re pasting wallpaper, due to fading and different product batches, color difference is inevitable, and it's regrettable that it can't achieve the previous perfect effect anyway

but families decorated with integrated walls don't have to worry about wall cleaning at all. The integrated wall surface material has the characteristics of easy scrubbing and no deformation. The stains on the wall can be easily removed by scrubbing with a wet rag, and there is no need to worry about the damage to the wall when cleaning. The integrated wall has strong corrosion resistance, so it is not easy to fade the wall; The integrated wall adopts a unique gusset plate installation method. If there is a problem in the use process, just replace the damaged plate with the same color; The service life of the plate is long, and the normal use can be as long as 20 years

the integrated wall is stable in nature and various in design and color, so it can be used in a variety of occasions. In home decoration, whether it is the kitchen and bathroom, or the living room, bedroom, and dining room, it can be installed and used. If you choose to decorate the family with integrated walls, the owner will no longer have to worry about choosing different wall decoration materials for different rooms, but only need to choose the colors according to your preferences and room uses. There are everything in rural style, European style, Chinese classical style, and the owner can also customize it according to his personal needs. Decoration with integrated walls not only solves the problem of wall cleaning for owners, but also realizes the harmony and unity of the overall home decoration

the integrated wall is currently popular in the market. Tuscany integrated wall is a brand product recognized by consumers with a wide range of categories and colors. The mission of Tuscany integrated wall top enterprise is to return the blue sky to children and pass the earth to future generations. I hope to advance with people with lofty ideals. Tuscany looks forward to working with you for common development. Join the hotline: 400-600-8343 15111131935





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