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Decoration and environmental protection testing institutions have different choices, and they should recognize the qualifications

decoration and environmental protection testing institutions have different choices, and they should recognize the qualifications

after the decoration is completed, most people will not move in immediately because they are worried about the poor air quality. Many owners will think of finding some professional institutions to test, determine the pollution level of the newly installed houses, and carry out corresponding treatment. In the interview, I learned that the current home decoration and environmental protection market in Nanjing is in a state of chaos, which makes owners who want to conduct professional governance and testing at a loss

market scanning: the metabolism of testing and governance institutions is fast

"now take a walk in the environmental protection market, you will find many new faces. This is true for both testing institutions, governance institutions and governance products." A few days ago, Zhou yuepeng, the head of Haitai nano environmental management company, said that the testing and management institutions in Nanjing have carried out a round of "blood exchange" in the past two years

later, Zhang Yongbing, manager of Jiangsu physical and chemical testing center and Nanjing Yipu Environmental Service Co., Ltd., also confirmed this statement. According to reports, the market pattern of Nanjing testing institutions has changed greatly in the past two years. Some private testing institutions have closed down due to poor management, but at the same time, some new testing institutions have emerged, such as Keruite indoor environment testing center, Jiangsu Suhuan and jingwanjia. And the metabolic rate of treatment products is even faster. "The treatment products that are still popular in the past years will disappear by the end of the year. There are also some formaldehyde special treatment products in previous years, which are now fading out of the market. Instead, a number of new treatment products."

price competition makes the market chaos reappear

the constantly changing "King flag" in the city, which makes the detection and governance market that is not "refreshing" appear more chaotic. The "price war" of some new institutions makes consumers who are originally confused more confused between East and West, South and North

Zhang Yongbing said that as the first batch of formal testing institutions recommended by Nanjing decoration industry association, Jiangsu physical and chemical testing center and Nanjing Yipu Environmental Service Co., Ltd. have always adhered to the original price system. "This price system is also adhered to by several other recommended formal testing institutions with large laboratory backgrounds, such as the modern analysis center of Nanjing University. However, due to the low price strategy adopted by some emerging testing institutions, the prices of some institutions are even less than half of ours, which has a certain impact on our business volume."

Zhang Yongbing pointed out that due to the high technical content of environmental protection testing, it takes a process from sampling to sample circulation and then to laboratory analysis. The vast majority of consumers are only exposed to the link of sampling. They don't know how the samples flow, what kind of laboratory to use, what kind of instrument to analyze, and whether the inspectors have experience, so they will be more difficult to judge and choose

after the peak in January, the market situation was poor

as the end of the home decoration process, the environmental protection detection and governance industry was affected by the financial crisis, which was more lagging behind than real estate and home decoration. "The business volume in the second half of last year was relatively stable, and there was a small peak in January this year. After that, the market situation was not very good. The detection volume in May last year was far more than 100, but this year it was less than 100. In the month with the greatest impact, the detection volume will drop by 30% to 40% compared with the same period in previous years." Zhang Yongbing said that from the market situation in recent months alone, the situation is relatively stable

the situation learned from the Keruite indoor environment testing center is relatively optimistic. Pan Dong, the head of the center, told reporters that as a new testing agency, Keruite's testing volume is growing steadily. "We also have material testing projects, which can help consumers carry out environmental protection testing of artificial boards, latex paints and coatings, as well as the performance testing of wires. This also increases the testing volume for us by almost 15%."





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