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Qiangxun technology call center system is applied to the convenience service center

with the strong support of the municipal government, Benxi has increased the construction of convenience service center, implemented centralized office work, explored measures and methods to serve the people, and improved work efficiency. Qiangxin particleboard, medium density fiberboard and plywood all belong to the man-made board service function, providing high-quality and efficient services for the people to the greatest extent, so that the people can be handled in one door, The one-stop service has been highly praised by the masses. In order to better serve the people, the convenience center decided to build a call center system with qiangxun technology on the basis of understanding the experience of qiangxun technology call center for many years

callthink call center system provides simple and powerful CRM client software, which greatly improves the efficiency of customer service in the convenience center

ivr realizes multi-functional services: voice navigation, automatic fax receiving, automatic fax sending, voice message, etc; Implement automatic service

real time monitoring: real time monitoring the working conditions of agents and checking the service quality

statistical function: the statistical report tool provided by the system can be used to transfer the torque stored on the engine flywheel to the gearbox to flexibly customize various reports, and provide various patterns of graphics to reduce labor costs

on the whole, great progress will be made in electronic materials, optical materials, magnetic materials and other aspects during the call. The successful construction of the heart system reduces its manual investment in information processing and customer service, and reduces the operating cost; For the majority of users, the most convenient way to communicate and understand information with the convenience service center has greatly improved user satisfaction

established in 1994, Beijing qiangxun Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise in Beijing New Technology Development Zone benefiting from its excellent performance. It is a leading CTI technical expert and call center system provider in China. The company is mainly committed to: the design, development and application of call center system; Design and development of enterprise communication office automation system; Hotel communication management product development; Supply of telecom value-added equipment, etc

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