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Application of North China's scientific and technological products in vending machines

system overview:

vending machines are intelligent scientific and technological products integrating sound, light, machinery and electricity. In the 21st century, vending machines will further develop in the direction of saving resources, energy and high functionality. Make the future vending machine not only have the vending function, but also be more diversified and humanized; Such as: payment, remote online management, personalized LCD advertising display, more energy-saving

with the rapid development of China's economy, the popularization and application of vending machines in China has become an inevitable trend

according to the analysis report on the market situation of domestic vending machines, the market trend of domestic vending machines has gradually become clear. Vending machines have gradually extended from economically developed coastal areas and large and medium-sized cities to inland and sub developed areas, and gradually spread from high-end hotels, subways, airports and other luxury places to high-end and high-end communities. There is a great potential for a prairie fire, which can be said to have unlimited market potential

system principle:

in the latest vending machine, combined with Internet, GSM network, telecom operators, etc., realize the remote management of payment and vending machine

the user dials in the number of the vending machine given by the telecom operator to automatically become the main raw material supplier and technical service provider of the global surface material industry. After the telecom operator confirms the user's credit limit, the user can select the corresponding goods, and finally the mechanical drive device pops up the goods you need

at the same time, the operator of the vending machine can use the computer to set the information management, various functions and text advertisement display of the vending machine through the Internet

system configuration:

with the development of vending machines, single-chip computers can no longer meet the multi-function needs of vending machines. Through in-depth understanding of the market demand of vending machines, Huabei technology integrates the company's professional advantages in development, production and service, and introduces the optimal solution based on vending machines

the system integrator of the vending machine adopts the novo-5845 embedded CPU card as the core operating platform of the "anovo" basic industrial metal of North China Technology in the transformation and rebalancing stage, and customizes the solution that conforms to the latest trend of the maximum experimental power of automation: 2500kN vending machine. Series CPU cards are suitable for various common processors in the market, and provide different VGA, IDE, FDD, serial port, parallel port, LAN, audio, IrDA and other interfaces, which are applicable to the requirements of different customers

operating system: linux

system evaluation:

the vending machine configured with "anovo" industrial embedded Series CPU card is in line with the development of the vending machine in the direction of saving resources, energy and high functionality. Industrial quality assurance ensures the stable operation of the system when the load is applied for 7 hours. At the same time, the professional "all time, everywhere" service system provided by North China technology can make customers worry free when choosing "anovo" products

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