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North China Science and technology industrial computer is applied to new disinfection equipment

application background

as we all know, the Palace Museum needs to carry out strict disinfection in the process of cultural relics entering and leaving the warehouse. In some places that are not easy to contact, the traditional disinfection mode and disinfection equipment can not ensure the uniform spraying of disinfectant and the volatilization of residual agents after disinfection. The new disinfection equipment is a special equipment for low-temperature fumigation and sterilization of articles in a closed disinfection cabinet with ethylene oxide gas under the control of a computer under certain temperature, pressure and humidity conditions. It is characterized by strong penetration, complete sterilization, no corrosion and no damage to articles, etc

in particular, the mass production of medical devices and equipment, medicine, textiles and biological products, instruments and meters must go through a strict disinfection process. Therefore, large-scale industrialized centralized and efficient disinfection is very important to improve production efficiency. Since all disinfection processes are carried out in the harsh environment of dust and high and low temperature changes, the computer control system must also have the characteristics of reliable operation, simple operation, strong universality and safe use

system composition

disinfection equipment is mainly composed of four parts: disinfection cabinet, control rack, electric control cabinet and computer control system. The disinfection cabinet adopts a sealing system, and the control frame includes heating system, vacuum system, waste gas treatment system, humidification system, etc. Electric control cabinet (hereinafter referred to as electric control cabinet): it is composed of operation panel and low-voltage electrical components. The water tank temperature and the temperature in the disinfection cabinet can be observed on the operation panel, and the manual operation and automatic operation can be switched

system principle

the disinfection effect of ethylene oxide is related to the temperature, pressure, humidity and the concentration of ethylene oxide in the disinfection cabinet. These process parameters can shorten the disinfection time and achieve the best disinfection effect at appropriate values. In the process of disinfection, the problem occurs first. Heat the disinfection cabinet until the temperature reaches the predetermined disinfection temperature, and then vacuum the cabinet. When the predetermined vacuum degree is reached, start dosing the disinfection cabinet; After the above process, the timing clock starts to work and the disinfection process starts; The constant temperature shall be maintained throughout the disinfection process. When the disinfection time is up, the single arm structure cabinet shall be used for air exchange of the disinfection axis sub control multi-functional experimental machine, that is, the residual ethylene oxide gas in the disinfection cabinet shall be replaced with filtered clean air, and the residual gas shall be discharged after being treated by the waste gas treatment system. In this way, the whole disinfection process is over

an important part of this scheme is the computer control system. Its main function is to convert the collected analog signals into digital signals in the temperature sensor, pressure sensor and humidity sensor in the disinfection cabinet. After being adopted by the industrial computer, the whole process of disinfection cycle is automatically controlled through the real-time dynamic display after the loaded program conversion. The control signal is output to the control appliances in the circulating pump, vaporization pump, vacuum system, humidification system and waste gas treatment system in the control cabinet to realize the disinfection and sterilization functions such as low temperature, high pressure and fumigation


in the disinfection equipment operation room, ordinary computers often can not adapt to high and low temperature changes and long-term operation in the dust environment, so the industrial control computer is the most ideal solution. Anovo brand industrial control computer and control board can meet the requirements of disinfection, GB, ISO and ASTM Test specifications, and can arbitrarily select and set various hardware requirements of equipment computer control system. The specific composition of the industrial computer and its control system is as follows: the industrial computer (novo-7865l) has a full-length industrial CPU card, adopts Intel 865GV series chipset, supports LGA775 Intel Pentium iv/d series processor with 533/800mhz front-end bus, 20g hard disk, and other auxiliary equipment printers, UPS power supply, and displays

the disinfection effect is related to the temperature, pressure, humidity and ethylene oxide concentration in the disinfection cabinet. It can be seen that the most important thing of the control system is to control all parameters of the disinfection process. This control system can centrally control all parameters and switching values of the disinfection process, with high accuracy and simple operation. It can also set different values according to the media of different products and save them. At the same time, the process parameters of the whole equipment are displayed on the screen, and the good user interface vividly reflects the working state of the equipment

since it works in a dusty environment, the adopted cooling fan has good ventilation and dust-proof effect and is easy to replace and clean. The low-power motherboard novo-7865l has a fan free CPU on board, and a heat sink is added to the CPU to reduce the failure rate. The built-in sound card can realize the voice alarm function, etc. the operating system adopts win200o, and the software environment adopts VC 6.0

hardware features

1 Industrial chassis

adopts North China Science and technology rpc-910 extended industrial chassis:

· 4U standard, 19 "rack mount

· conforms to industrial standards, and is produced in strict accordance with EIA rs310c standard

· it can install a variety of boards and cards with strong scalability

· all steel structure, durable and easy to maintain

· adopt ultra-high speed cooling fan, with smooth convection and good heat dissipation

· it has excellent anti electromagnetic interference ability, high-efficiency dust and vibration prevention, and ensures the reliability and safety of the system to the greatest extent

2. Industrial motherboard

North China Technology novo-7865l full-length industrial CPU card:

· Intel Pentium IV processor adopts Intel 865GV chipset, supports hyper threading technology, high-speed transmission speed, provides high-speed data throughput, efficient data processing capacity, and powerful computing power

· two DIMM sockets are installed on the board, which supports dual channels and has strong capacity scalability, meeting the high capacity requirements of communication data

· complete interfaces, reduce the system cost, improve the characteristics of the coefficient display electronic tensile testing machine and the universality of the ordinary protection system

· dual RJ45 Ethernet interface, which supports 100m/1000m transmission. According to different needs, it can flexibly select and match network chips, choose its own network bandwidth, humanized design, large network throughput, strong network communication capability, and professional communication level transmission equipment

· low packet loss rate and high security

· high ISA bus driving capability, faster and more efficient data storage

3. Industrial backplane

North China Technology bp-14p4:

· meets the PICMG standard and is equipped with 4 PCI slots and 10 isa slots, with strong scalability

· support voice card and communication card products from many mainstream manufacturers

· low impedance and good anti-interference ability

system advantages

North China Science and technology industrial control computer has superior performance, high stability and anti-interference ability, and can adapt to high and low temperature changes and long-term operation in dust environment. The computer control system in this scheme adopts North China Science and technology industrial control equipment

· good user community

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