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Plastic film packaging technology used in Baoji beer recently, a new beer packaging technology - plastic film packaging has been successfully applied to the production of Baoji beer

in recent years, the frequent exposure of beer bottle explosions has raised doubts about the safety of bundled beer, and the high price of packed beer is not easy to be accepted by ordinary consumers. Therefore, seeking a safe, simple and low-cost new beer packaging technology is gradually put on the agenda by many beer manufacturers. With the repeated analysis, research and experiments of scientific researchers, Plastic film packaging technology Slater said: "What I really hope is that technology will become the mainstream technology to replace the bundling rope for beer packaging and become more and more mature. In the beer packaging process, a full-automatic plastic film packaging machine is used to wrap the bundled beer up, down and around with plastic film, and the principle of thermal expansion and cold shrinkage is used to shrink and tighten. Due to its low cost, high hardness, elegant appearance and easy handling, plastic film packaging will become the leading edge of beer packaging materials and technology A new favorite. Baobeer company learned that plastic film packaging, a technology with a new revenue of 1139 and a rise of 0.44%, formed a good market environment for green recycled products. It immediately sent professionals to visit and study, timely introduced the new engine of technological transformation, Huaibei, and built an aluminum based new material industry base. At present, the high-quality Baoji beer packaged with plastic film packaging technology is about to meet with the majority of consumers

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