Anhui's packaging industry has developed steadily

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The overall development of Anhui packaging industry is stable

the packaging industry in Anhui Province has continued to develop, with an estimated output value of nearly 12billion yuan last year, of which the output value of key enterprises is more than 8 billion yuan

Anhui packaging industry made great efforts to develop joint-stock enterprises last year. For example, after the reorganization of West Anhui Yingjia group, on the basis of the original Yingjia color printing and packaging company, another 60million yuan was invested to build Meijia printing company in Lu'an, West Anhui, which has been put into operation in one year

the packaging paper and paper products industry in Anhui Province has developed prominently. For example, Shanying group has upgraded its equipment and enhanced its competitiveness. Its products sell well both inside and outside the province, with an annual output value of 1billion yuan, ranking first in the same industry. The cardboard Market in Hefei, Wuhu and other places is very good. In addition to Meiling, Rongshida, Yingjia, Tianfu and other large carton enterprises, three new production lines have been added in Lu'an, Anqing and other places for paper products. Small carton factories have conducted fatigue life experiments on V-belts and multi wedge belts. At present, most small factories purchase production line paperboard directly from large factories, which not only makes profits for both sides, but also improves the quality and quantity. Tianfu carton factory also introduced equipment and invested in other provinces through bidding

plastic packaging products have developed rapidly and increased in variety, such as Yongxin, Shuangjin, Guofeng and other large-scale group enterprises. The vacuum aluminum plating film, multi-layer coextrusion film, bi-directional stretching film produced by them are widely used in the fields of electronics, electrical appliances, automobiles, hot water, machinery, medical appliances, food processing machinery and other products, which are very competitive for some large-scale food, medicine and other packaging facilities inside and outside the province

with the increasing export of local products, a number of township enterprises and individual private enterprises are engaged in the production of packaging products. The plastic and printing industry in Tongcheng is developing very fast. The output value of some private enterprises has reached millions to tens of millions of yuan, and the products are exported to the Northwest and southwest. Some fund-raising and individual enterprises in Wuhu, Anqing, Chuzhou, Xiao, Dang and other places mostly focus on local industrial and agricultural products, local specialties, aquatic products, fruits, etc., such as the production of paper and plastic packaging products, which not only meet local needs, but also are exported to other places

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