Announcement of Shanghai Chemical Building Materia

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Announcement of Shanghai Chemical Building Materials Industry Association

announcement of Shanghai Chemical Building Materials Industry Association

October 12, 2005

in order to promote the improvement of the quality of architectural coatings products, establish a good image of the enterprise and establish an integrity mechanism, create brand-name products in the industry, promote an honest and trustworthy industry atmosphere, and provide guidance for construction projects and users to select products, after on-site evaluation and review by the expert review committee, It is hereby announced that the following 20 units have won the title of "excellent enterprise with excellent product quality and integrity in Shanghai architectural coating industry from 2004 to 2005 after the end of the 20 year experiment". (ranking in no order)

Shanghai Zhongnan building materials company Shanghai fatigue testing machine is a very common equipment, which is widely used in the material industry. Shendeo Co., Ltd.

Nippon coating (China) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Shenzhen enterprise development Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Shenzhen arigato coating Co., Ltd. Shanghai Wujing building decoration coating factory

Shanghai Huili coating Co., Ltd. Shanghai wet Kewei building materials Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Huibang special coating Co., Ltd. Shanghai makaron coating Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Huasheng Chemical Co., Ltd. Shanghai Zhongshan Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. storer explained that the company

Shanghai Huili Guanxi coating Co., Ltd., Shanghai Lion Chemical Co., Ltd.

Shanghai liking coating Co., Ltd., Shanghai Deka Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Aokesi coating Co., Ltd., Shanghai Hanbang Chemical Co., Ltd.

Shanghai lanfangyuanke therefore requires that the torque value after pre tightening is the torque coefficient K ≥ 0.15 or more. Technology Development Co., Ltd., Shanghai Yingjie decorative materials Co., Ltd. (formerly Shanghai Shenguang coating Co., Ltd.)

Shanghai Chemical Building Materials Industry Association

September 27, 2005

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