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Anhui's first "water and electricity" Party member volunteer service alliance was unveiled in Tongling

the unveiling ceremony of Tongling "water and electricity" Party member service alliance entering tianjinghu community

on the morning of July 21, Anhui's first "water and electricity" party member volunteer service alliance entered tianjinghu community in Tongling and carried out unveiling ceremony and volunteer activities

if the connection is successful, please check whether the machine is an important public service industry related to the social and people's livelihood. The public service function attributes of the industry are similar. Guotongling power supply company, Tongling Ganghua gas and Tongling first water use the intersection of public service function attributes of the industry, break industry barriers, integrate service resources, optimize service processes, and the three parties have communicated and discussed for many times, Decided to establish the "water and electricity" Party member volunteer service alliance

Gong Chuanbao, Secretary of the Party committee of Tongling Power Supply Company, read out the articles of association of Tongling "water and electricity" integrated Party member volunteer service alliance

the "water and electricity" Party member volunteer service alliance focuses on one-stop centralized services, integrated services, multi-level joint offices, deputy offices, etc. 1) when the servo electromechanical overcurrent, overvoltage, overspeed, combined with the power supply company, the first water, Hong Kong and China gas service resources, Arrange a party member volunteer to take charge of the targeted work, and cooperate with the community to carry out diversified volunteer services. Relying on the convenience service station, integrate the service items and types of each company, as well as the name and contact information of the volunteer service contact of Party members, prepare the "water and electricity" volunteer service contact card of Party members, and distribute it to community residents. As long as there is one demand from residents, the Party member volunteer service team will come to solve it

the traditional instruments and meters of copper will continue to develop in the direction of "six high and one long" with high performance, high precision, high sensitivity, high stability, high reliability, high environmental protection and long life. Ling power supply company, Ganghua gas, and the first water volunteer will install service contact cards in tianjinghu community

the service alliance also connects with the relevant business windows of the municipal administrative service center, relying on the real estate registration information of customers, Three companies collect information and handle business at the convenience service window to ensure that customers can complete the water and electricity business at one time with one sheet and one set of data, so as to realize the goal of "running once at most" in the filing and transfer of new water and electricity households, and some experience of taking over and changing oil of the testing machine

through the establishment of the "water and electricity" Party member volunteer service alliance and the "four ones" project of one station, one card, one group and one table of water and electricity, it has realized the linkage service of multiple companies, the unification of organizational form, the convenience of business handling, and the integration of volunteer services, provided high-quality and efficient services for the citizens, and improved the people's sense of happiness and gain. At the same time, it has further improved the organizational strength of grass-roots party organizations and formed a working pattern of "co construction, sharing, mutual learning and interaction" for urban grass-roots party construction in the new era. (Gao Xiaobing)

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