53 courtyard lights are expected to be on tonight

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53 courtyard lights are expected to be on tonight after the reconstruction of Liulin road in Shiyan. "Now the street lights replaced along Liulin ditch are much brighter than before, and the road will no longer be dark from dense to powder." Recently, residents living in Liulin road have praised the new streetlights. It is reported that the municipal street lamp management office has comprehensively upgraded the courtyard lights along the line from Liulin intersection bus station to Beijing Road overpass, and 53 street lights have been installed yesterday

according to the municipal street lamp management office, the courtyard lamp upgraded this time is different from ordinary street lamps. The style of courtyard lamp is L-shaped LED lamp with simple and modern flavor. The transformed courtyard lamp has not only lighting functionality, but also ornamental; Not only the lighting effect is better, but also very energy-saving, becoming a beautiful scenery

it is understood that many street lamps along Liulin road have been rusted and damaged. Therefore, this renovation mainly involves the comprehensive upgrading of all courtyard lights along the line, and 53 L-shaped led courtyard lights have been upgraded in the whole project

"at present, all street light poles have been installed in place. 10. Report selection: different report formats can be selected according to the user's needs, only the power cord is connected, and it is expected that all the lights will be on tonight." The staff of the municipal street lamp management office said yesterday morning that in recent days, the office has gradually maintained the integrity of parts and components; The replacement of street lights in this section has been completed to reduce the impact on citizens' night travel, and some courtyard lights have been completed in succession. With the installation of six new street lights beside the bus station completed yesterday, all street lights completed the troubleshooting and transformation of common faults of the testing machine yesterday evening

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