Anhui will have highways in all counties within fi

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Anhui will realize Expressway access in all counties within 5 years

Anhui will realize Expressway access in all counties within 5 years

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learned from the Anhui Provincial Department of transportation that during the "13th five year plan" period, the provincial highway, water transportation and other transportation infrastructure construction will be completed with an investment of 300billion yuan. Strive to reach 5200 kilometers of highways by 2020, and realize county-level highways

according to Shi Ping, director of the Provincial Department of transportation, 2015 is the end of the 12th Five Year Plan. The provincial transportation system made every effort to promote various work, and a total of 77.28 billion yuan was invested in transportation construction, a record high. 496 kilometers of new expressways were opened to traffic, 543 kilometers of first-class roads for entrepreneurs to operate and run enterprises at ease, 6976.7 kilometers of newly reconstructed rural roads, 1066 dangerous bridges of rural roads were completed, and five key projects were under construction

it is reported that in the next five years, our province will strengthen the construction of inter provincial and inter city connecting roads, plan to expand and transform the busy sections of more than 800 kilometers of highways, complete the continuation projects of more than 600 kilometers, start the construction of 1400 kilometers of new projects, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of national and provincial trunk lines, and focus on the construction of high-grade highways that connect internally and externally. This year, the province plans to invest 70billion yuan in road and water transportation and other transportation construction, add 290 kilometers of highways, newly reconstruct 4000 kilometers of ordinary national and provincial trunk roads, build 300 kilometers of first-class roads, and implement the construction of 34000 kilometers of rural roads

According to Linke, in terms of expressway construction, the reconstruction and expansion projects of Hefei Nanjing Expressway, Hefei an expressway and Hefei Wuhu expressway will be started this year, and five projects will be completed within this year, including Wangdong Yangtze River Highway Bridge, Huainan section and Hefei section of Liyang Guangde expressway, Dezhou Shangrao expressway, and Tianchang section of Suzhou Yangzhou expressway. The introduction of PPP mode into expressway will also make a substantial breakthrough. Three PPP projects, including the East extension of YUEWU expressway, the Hefei Zongyang section of Deshang expressway, and the Huangshan Qiandaohu expressway, will strive to start construction this year

in addition, Anhui Province recently released the implementation plan of Anhui Province to accelerate the promotion of "interconnection". According to the plan, Anhui Province will promote the interconnection between the expressway etc system and the urban public transport "one card" platform with the help of the interconnection platform, effectively integrate the intercity traffic and urban traffic information resources, and realize the "one card access" of the public across regions and vehicles. By 2020, a comprehensive public travel information service system covering highways, urban public transport and important transportation hubs will be initially formed

in five years, Anhui Expressway etc system will be interconnected with the "one card" platform of urban public transport to realize "one card access"

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