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Anhui Zijiang printing materials Co., Ltd.

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Anhui Zijiang printing materials Co., Ltd. is a professional company engaged in color printing, packaging, carton machinery and equipment and post-sale maintenance and other businesses. The company has full power to sell Rugao, Xinji, Guanghua, Jingdezhen offset press, Shanghai Xu 90 degree stripping Heng, Tangshan Yuyin full-automatic die-cutting machine, Qingdao Meguiar paper mounting machine, Yutian Shengtian, Changzhou Zhushi laminating machine Taiwan Yubang, Hongjing paste box machine, Shanghai shenweida, Gansu Pingliang paper cutter The growth of China's plastic machinery industry has ushered in the golden period of the fastest growth and rapid growth in the central and Southern markets of the United States. Dongjuying, Hebei Xinhua three, five and seven layer corrugated production lines, single-sided corrugated appearance machine, Shanghai Jinchang, Hebei Dongguang ink printing slotting machine Ruian die cutting, bronzing, glazing, calendering, computer cross cutting machine and other full set of printing and packaging machinery Introducing high-quality equipment, taking the bottom line price and providing wholehearted service are the business tenets of our company Welcome to visit/inquire (Tang)/fax 0551--- email

houbaot@ after sales service 0551--- after sales supervision

address: No. 212 Suixi Road, Hefei address:

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