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Development trend of packaging cad/cam system

with the introduction of new technology and the deepening of the digitization of packaging process, packaging cad/cam system has some new development trends

1 packaging aided design is developing towards artificial intelligence

evs energy software launched by engview company has the characteristics of artificial intelligence. Firstly, the software has the function of aligning with the line (snap to Li up to 24999.24 yuan/ton NES) because the shrinkage of various plastics is not a fixed value, and automatically remembers the angle and line length when manually changing the packaging components. The system also has the function of cost estimation. Through a spreadsheet, users can clearly see the changes in production costs with the change of carton design and the change of typesetting mode that many customers think so

2 improve the security of packaging products

artwork company launched the ArtPro system, in which the powerlock module uses an easy-to-use technology that increases the price of cobalt by nearly 150% to support digital copyright protection. This kind of grain is embedded in a small object of the packaging product, such as icons, images or some decorative patterns. This kind of grain cannot be seen with the naked eye, but when a piece of transparent film used as a tester is covered on it, users can see these micro grains, so as to identify counterfeit packaging products on the market

secupack software launched by Barco company provides simple protection tools for those packages that are easy to be counterfeited, and provides designers with creative space

3 better support digital workflow

barco launched a new module of ESCO software, which provides packaging prepress solutions, and has the functions of professional printing software such as precise point compensation, color management, WYSIWYG, etc. By combining ESCO and artioscad software, it can cover the whole process of printing and packaging process, compatible with each other's file formats, and realize the digital workflow

in addition, there are Pandora from scenicsoft and D Alim Twist, litho4.5, etc. these systems have an open environment and can directly exchange data with other links of the printing and packaging process. It can not only recognize and import standard graphic image files and CAD files, such as BMP, DXF, JPG files, especially PDF and postscript files, but also recognize each other's file formats, which greatly improves the versatility of the software, all of which provide support for the realization of digital chemical workflow of printing and packaging

have been greatly developed and improved, the output value of packaging industry and the number of enterprises have doubled, and China has become a major packaging country in the world. However, compared with the world's powerful packaging countries, China's packaging CAD technology started late and has a large gap. Some packaging enterprises still use manual calculation, manual drawing and manual patchwork for production, which has a long design cycle and high cost. Although some packaging enterprises use computers, they only use general CAD software and graphics and image processing software for design, which is difficult to improve production efficiency

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