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The development trend of cigarette packaging decoration design

as a high value-added commodity, the packaging design form of cigarette is changing with each passing day, which makes people dizzying, which promotes the development of cigarette packaging design to a certain extent, but also makes some enterprises step into the misunderstanding of cigarette packaging design. At a time when the voice of "smoking is harmful to health" in the world is getting louder and louder. In the face of fierce market competition, how to correctly choose a scientific, reasonable, healthy and standardized cigarette packaging design that improves the effectiveness of operators and optimizes the generous concept of system performance is a problem that Chinese cigarette manufacturers should seriously consider. The author here only gives a glimpse of the development trend of cigarette packaging design in China, aiming to attract jade for readers

1 standardization of cigarette packaging design

cigarette packaging design has the main functions of beautifying, protecting and marking cigarette products. How to choose the correct and standardized packaging requires cigarette manufacturers to strictly abide by the relevant laws when designing and making cigarette packaging, because people are increasingly worried about the flooding in urban areas. It is not difficult for us to find in the cigarette sales market that Chinese cigarettes with full versions of "foreign languages" can be found everywhere, and cigarette packages similar to famous brand cigarettes can be seen everywhere. These obviously do not comply with the relevant provisions of the "trademark law" and other relevant laws and regulations, and are extremely detrimental to the sustainable and healthy development of the socialist market economy

2 personalized cigarette packaging design

personalized cigarette decoration design is convenient to shape the image of cigarette products and facilitate consumer identification. Beautiful and unique decoration design can produce strong visual stimulation and make consumers remember it, so it is easy to establish a brand image in their minds. The cigarette packaging design that lacks personality is often straightforward, drift with the tide, lack of charm, lack of innovation consciousness, no aesthetic feeling, and some even imitate and copy the design of others. Such cigarette products are difficult to establish their own brand image, so they will not have vitality. At present, many cigarette manufacturers in China have noticed this problem. They have successfully designed a batch of cigarette packaging products with distinctive characteristics and characteristics of the times, such as the "Huangshan" brand of Bengbu cigarette factory, the "Longxiang" brand of Hong'an cigarette factory, and the "Nanjing" brand of Nanjing Cigarette Factory, drawing nutrition from the fertile soil of tradition and nationality

3 serialization of cigarette packaging design

the famous brand effect plays a great role in the fierce market competition, and the serialization of cigarette packaging decoration makes use of this famous brand effect. The products of most cigarette manufacturing enterprises in China have a certain brand-name effect in a certain region. Launching a series of cigarette products in this region is easy to be accepted by consumers. However, if a brand-new brand that can meet the general needs of door and window building profiles is launched, it is likely to take a long time to cultivate, requiring a lot of human, financial and material resources. Therefore, the use of serialized cigarette packaging has the effect of getting twice the result with half the effort. For example, Yunnan Honghe Cigarette Factory's "Honghe" brand series cigarettes are a good example. On the basis of soft packed "Honghe" brand cigarettes, the factory developed a hard box "Honghe" brand cigarette series. After the products were put into the market, they were soon accepted by consumers, and their sales volume increased steadily, achieving gratifying economic benefits. However, serialized cigarette packaging also has its fatal weakness. If one of the products is not developed properly, it will have a chain reaction, which will bring disaster to the pond fish. This requires cigarette manufacturers to carefully do market research and analysis work when developing serialized packaging, not to be as desired, to ensure targeted

4 diversification of cigarette packaging decoration design

diversified cigarette packaging decoration design has the characteristics of meeting different consumption levels and different consumption psychology. It mainly includes gift type, memorial type, tourism description type, public service advertising type and other forms of expression. At present, diversified cigarette packaging design is highly valued abroad, while the work of Chinese cigarette manufacturers in this area is still in the exploratory stage and needs to be further developed in the future

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