Development trend of metallurgical automation tech

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Development trend of metallurgical automation technology

metallurgical automation technology will show three major trends under the promotion of industrial automation technology and the dual mechanism of technological demand in the metallurgical industry

(I) process control system

continuous detection and monitoring system of metallurgical process. Adopting new sensor technology, optical electromechanical integration technology, soft measurement technology, data fusion and data processing technology, reliability technology in metallurgical environment, and aiming at the closed-loop control of key process parameters, logistics tracking, energy balance control, real-time control of environmental emissions and comprehensive process control of product quality, the metallurgical process detection and monitoring system is realized, including the detection and prediction of molten iron, molten steel, slag composition and temperature, Detection and prediction of purity of molten steel, detection and judgment of temperature, size, microstructure, defects and other parameters of billet and steel, monitoring of exhaust gas and smoke along the line, etc

High performance closed-loop control of key variables in metallurgical process. Based on mechanism model, statistical analysis, predictive control, expert system, fuzzy logic, neural network, support vector machine (SVM) and other technologies, with the goal of process stability and improving technical and economic indicators, on the basis of the continuous detection of the above key process parameters, a comprehensive model is established, and an adaptive intelligent control mechanism is adopted to achieve high-performance closed-loop control of key variables in the metallurgical process, including blast furnace forward closed-loop expert system Closed loop control of molten steel composition and temperature, closed loop control of billet and steel size, microstructure and properties, etc

(II) holographic integration of production management control system

metallurgical process. Realize the horizontal data integration of iron steel rolling and the mutual transmission of holiday notices of Jinan testing machine factory, and realize the vertical information integration of management planning production control. At the same time, integrate the real-time production data and relational database as the data warehouse, and adopt data mining technology to provide decision support for production management control

computer simulation of the whole process to achieve science based design and manufacturing. Using computer simulation technology, multimedia technology and computational mechanics technology, based on various metallurgical models, off-line simulation and integrated simulation of process are carried out, so as to realize production organization optimization, production process optimization, new production process design and new product development

improve the manufacturing intelligence of steel production. In the aspect of production organization management, the network rule technology in production planning and operations research based on case-based reasoning and expert knowledge provides the means and ability to quickly adjust the operation plan, so as to improve the flexibility and agility of production organization; Automatically calculate the production sequence plan of each process and the production time and waiting time of each process according to the process parameters, realize the whole line tracking and control of the plan, and flexibly adjust according to the site requirements and expert knowledge; The reconfiguration scheduling technology under abnormal conditions and the man-machine collaborative dynamic production scheduling under various process routes. In terms of quality management, based on data mining, statistical calculation and neural network analysis technology, the quality of products is predicted, tracked and analyzed; According to the production process data and actual data, determine the quality abnormalities in production. In terms of equipment management, the fault diagnosis and prediction technology of production equipment is used to establish the prediction model of equipment fault and life, realize the prediction dimension, and give examples of product protection of several material suppliers. In the aspect of cost control, data mining and prediction technology are used to establish a dynamic cost model to predict production costs; At present, the use of brake pad materials has the following centralized challenges that need to be broken through: (1) increase the life state tracking control technology of gaskets and rotors, optimize the proportion of raw materials, the supply of energy media, the regular maintenance system of production lines, the scheduling management of production, and dynamically calculate costs to reduce production costs

(III) enterprise information system

enterprise information integration to industry information integration. One of the purposes of informatization is to realize information sharing, seek advantages and avoid disadvantages under the premise of effective competition, and further realize the information integration of collaborative manufacturing enterprises, the construction of industry wide information network and macro-control information system on the basis of the standardization of the coding system of enterprise information system and the integration of enterprise heterogeneous data/information. The water consumption of direct unit industrial added value is expected to drop by 27% to the global industry information network construction and macro-control information system

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