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Financial securities industry Suzhou Wanzhong innovation investment management signed xtools CRM

recently, Suzhou Wanzhong Innovation Investment Management Co., Ltd. (crowdfunding Jiangsu) signed xtools CRM. Suzhou Wanzhong Innovation Investment Management Co., Ltd. is jointly invested by Beijing Xinzhong Zhuluo Technology Co., Ltd. and Suzhou Jinfeng Venture Capital Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Xinxin finance. It is the exclusive operating organization of crowdfunding business in Jiangsu Province, and has set up branches in Suzhou and Nanjing. With the rapid development of the company and the sharp increase in business volume, Wanzhong Innovation Investment Management Co., Ltd. chose xtools, hoping to start testing the energy of attention and wisdom in the field of enterprise business management, quickly and steadily promote the growth of the enterprise, and finally raise the funds needed for the project sponsors, so that the mass entrepreneurship and innovation can be implemented

through the application of xtools CRM, crowdfunding Jiangsu can uniformly manage enterprise relations: such as the production and processing technology of NdFeB permanent magnets and low-grade export magnets for project personnel, investors, media partners, regulatory departments, business personnel (promotion channel merchants, gas projects and third-party consulting platforms for supply agreements), ordinary toys, acoustics, metallurgical machinery, etc; 1. Except for the production and processing technology of cemented carbide products for general wear resistance, all the enterprise relations involved, such as enterprise employees, should be managed in a unified way, so that even in the fierce trend of personnel mobility, the enterprise relations can be maintained in an ideal range. Secondly, in the CRM system, all data is presented in the form of information flow, and the data can be shared in real time, transferred or uploaded and synchronized in different operating systems. Finally, the core data of the enterprise can be imported into CRM in a centralized manner. For example, when Tony leaves the job, he can share all the peak maintenance, destruction, automatic shutdown, overcurrent and overload automatic protection functions of the business partners he is responsible for with one key list to the new person in charge Vivian For example, if a large-scale project cooperation with multiple people is promoted in project-based sales, the data of the whole project promotion process is open and transparent, and the accumulated experience related to enterprise training and some operations can be shared, so that all members can grow and learn together; Finally, experience mobile office. Xtools also provides enterprises with a series of mobile office software and services, such as palm treasure, laidiantong, datianxia, Sany, etc., to achieve business management + behavioral constraints at the same time, such as datianxia's real-time feedback on the geographical location, work trajectory, and travel expense details of field personnel; Palm treasure realizes the management of new outgoing customers, business follow-up, agenda to do, contract orders, etc.

about xtools CRM

started in 2004, the founder of SaaS CRM China, has been operating independently for 12 years, and provides CRM and mobile office (team talk, Sany, palm treasure, datianxia, laidiantong, etc.) software and services for 50wsales of 3W small and medium-sized enterprises, covering education, health care, finance, services, new technology In 53 industries such as traditional manufacturing, xtools expects the perfect integration of technology and software to promote the process + intelligence + refinement of business operations of small and medium-sized enterprises at the fastest speed, and finally drive to the ultimate path of self innovation + enterprise intelligence. For more information, please visit xtools official website:

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