All employees of the hottest Saiyuan enjoy the jou

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All employees of Saiyuan easily enjoy the journey to Xiyong

in the scorching sun, on the blue seashore, the sand pipe against the green forest does not break, the control electromechanical rotation bad beach, barefoot in the soft sand, feel the intimacy of sand and the tenderness of the sea in a highly urbanized country like Singapore, and everything on earth is so beautiful at once. Experience the real CS field battle, where love and wild coexist, sweat and wisdom coexist, and truly experience the stimulation of bandit police to the current company's graphene pilot production line war and fight between ourselves and the enemy

Saiyuan employees enjoy the invincible sea view in front of them on the beach, and let their thoughts soar freely in the wilderness

group photo of Saiyuan employees

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