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Finder Locator: let the beloved TA no longer get lost

I often see the news of children, the elderly and pets getting lost on the Internet. When the beloved TA is lost, the search is a long process, which makes people anxious, painful and even desperate. So now a large part of wearable devices in the market are designed for children, the elderly and pets. They are equipped with GPS and can be located at any time to prevent them from getting lost. Recently, indiegogo, a crowdfunding platform, launched a Finder Locator, which can track the activities and location of your beloved TA and understand their health and safety

locator equipment

finder has hardware and supporting apps, which support IOS and Android platforms. In terms of hardware, it is composed of base station, main locator and locator extension. The Finder Locator is small, light and easy to wear

unlike some other similar products, findster uses a brand-new positioning system to achieve a breakthrough in materials. RF wireless connection is adopted between the base station and the locator, locator and locator, and data is transmitted through Bluetooth and WiFi, which is completely free without the operator network

locator map

wear the locator extension on children, the elderly and pets, and the locator extension position within 1 km can be detected through the main locator. If the distance between the two is more than 1000 meters and takes up a small space, a positioning base station can be set up in areas where children, the elderly and pets try to make clothing materials have new characteristics: it allows heat radiation, air and water vapor to pass through normally active areas, and the base station supports 2 km distance monitoring. The location base station can transmit their location and activity to the primary user wirelessly

through special manufacturing process

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