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Fingerprint identification industry has a huge market prospect, and the smart lock brand has entered the era of shuffling

Abstract: with the increasing global demand for identity authentication, the application of biometric technology for identity authentication will be gradually promoted. Biometric technology plays an increasingly important role in providing security solutions now and in the future

according to statistics, smart locks in Japan and South Korea occupy more than 70% of the market for civil locks, and 90% of apartments in South Korea use smart locks. European and American electronic locks occupy 50% of the market for civil locks, and Chinese electronic locks account for less than 2% of the market for civil locks. The next few years will be a rapid period for the market share of China's smart locks to increase; Intelligent management will be realized in hotels ranging from star hotels to hotels

the national annual real estate investment is more than 2trillion yuan, the national real estate decoration market is hundreds of billions of yuan, and the national door lock market is more than 10 billion yuan; In 70 key cities across the country, the average first-hand real estate price is more than 4500 yuan/square meter, all of which have reached the purchasing capacity of purchasing intelligent electronic locks, and have gradually formed a real market demand; In 2008, the national real estate investment reached 2.5 trillion yuan, and the demand for mechanical locks and intelligent locks exceeded 20billion yuan; The door locks required for heavy decoration and second-hand real estate decoration across the country are more than 10 billion yuan; Serve you with high efficiency and precision. The share of high-end villas and apartments in each city exceeds 6%, and the share of high-end office buildings exceeds 5%. This is the existing market demand in reality

market prospect of fingerprint identification industry: within ten years, the market capacity will be 70billion yuan, and the market growth rate will be 60%! Only the current use of fingerprint locks: 90% of villas install fingerprint locks, 10% of new buildings are equipped with fingerprint locks as standard, and 20% of high-end customers replace fingerprint smart locks. Compared with traditional mechanical locks, fingerprint smart locks are the third-generation lock products. The biggest feature of electronic lock-in for traditional mechanical locks is its "intelligence". Electronic locks get rid of the shackles of traditional mechanical keys, fingers, cards, passwords Remote control can be used to switch the door lock

the rapid development of information industry has also developed to payment, banking, etc. with the increasing development and maturity of smart lock related technology, the development of smart lock has also entered a new stage of development. Fingerprint identification, unlocking, remote alarm, SMS unlocking, SMS alarm, ID card unlocking, inductive unlocking, wireless smart door lock and other new technology application products have come out one after another, which means that the functions and applications of smart locks are more abundant and diverse, and the intelligence is more outstanding. And keep pace with the development of smart home and IOT. There are many domestic electronic lock enterprises, but few have truly independent production bases and R & D capabilities

the all-in-one card in the community adopts all password locks with chips, such as owner cards, parking cards, traffic cards, 3G cards, etc. through setting, it can be used as the password lock of electronic locks. The main and auxiliary password locks can be set, which can be added and deleted at will, and it is convenient to use. It truly realizes the all-in-one card for access control, parking, consumption, office doors, residential doors, etc., so that you will no longer carry keys

a major feature of informatization is the digitalization and recessiveness of personal identity. How to accurately identify a person's identity and protect information security is a key problem that must be solved in today's information age. Most of the management in China uses certificates, magnetic cards, IC cards and passwords. These means cannot avoid forgery or loss, and passwords are also easy to be stolen or forgotten. All these bring great inconvenience to managers and users. Biometric identification can avoid these troubles. Therefore, this technology has become a hot spot in the field of identification and insulation failure

biometric recognition technology is to use the physiological and behavioral characteristics of human body in January, 2009 to identify personal identity through the close combination of machine with various sensors, biometric principles and other expert segments. Physiological characteristics are innate, mostly congenital; Behavioral characteristics are caused by habits, mostly by instinct. Physiological and behavioral characteristics are collectively referred to as biological characteristics

fingerprint is relatively stable in all biological characteristics, does not change with age and is relatively convenient to collect. At the same time, its research history is the longest, and its phase can be processed and molded by extrusion, injection molding and molding, which is more mature. Therefore, compared with similar products, fingerprint recognition has the highest cost performance and is more suitable for application in public life. Therefore, fingerprint recognition has become an ideal and excellent solution with its revolutionary convenience and security

with the increasing global demand for identity authentication, the application of biometric technology for identity authentication will be gradually promoted. Biometric technology plays an increasingly important role in providing security solutions now and in the future. And with the vigorous development of high technology, the application of biometric technology has entered people's social life. In recent years, the hot development of real estate and infrastructure industry has also created favorable conditions for the market expansion of biometric industry

with the continuous improvement of residents' quality of life, there is an increasing demand for fingerprint products with high convenience and safety. The application of fingerprint biometric technology in locks is increasingly accepted by people. Fingerprint locks have become a new favorite in the home decoration security lock market. With the maturity of the market, people's understanding of the smart lock brand and recognition of high-quality products, the smart lock brand has also entered the era of reshuffle

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