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All kinds of maintenance and repair knowledge of lifting machinery

cranes should be inspected, maintained and maintained frequently, the transmission part should have enough lubricating oil, and the vulnerable parts must be inspected, repaired or replaced frequently. The bolts of machinery, especially the frequently vibrating parts, such as Slewing Support and boom connecting bolts, should be checked for looseness, and if they are loose, they must be tightened or replaced even if they are loose

1. Regulations on crane maintenance time

1.1 daily maintenance (every shift)

1.2 after the crane works for 1000 hours, carry out minor repairs to the mechanical and electrical systems

1.3 after the crane works for 4000 hours, carry out medium maintenance on the mechanical and electrical systems

1.4 after the crane works for 8000 hours, overhaul the mechanical and electrical systems

2. Maintenance and repair of mechanical equipment

2.1 the brakes of all mechanisms should be checked and adjusted frequently, and the gap between brake pads and brake wheels will be safer in our building to ensure flexibility and reliability. There should be no dirt on the friction surface, which will be dominant in case of microcomputer controlled models. Dirt must be washed off with gasoline or thinner

2.2 the lubrication and hydraulic oil of reducer, gearbox, external meshing gear and other parts shall be carried out according to the requirements in the lubrication table

2.3 pay attention to check whether each steel wire rope has broken wires and loose strands. If it exceeds the relevant regulations, it must be replaced immediately. The maintenance of steel wire rope shall be in strict accordance with GB

the preparation of the standard has fully considered meeting the needs of technological development and production. 2.4 regularly check the connection of each part, and tighten it if it is loose. The tightness of the connecting bolts of the machine body should be checked when the machine body is under pressure (the method of rotating the arm can be used to cause the compression state). All connecting shafts must have cotter pins and be fully opened

25 regularly check whether each mechanism operates normally and whether there is noise. If any fault is found, it must be eliminated in time

2.6 when installing, disassembling and adjusting the rotary mechanism, pay attention to ensure that the center line of the reducer of the rotary mechanism is parallel to the center line of the gear, its meshing surface is not less than 70%, and the meshing clearance should be suitable

3. Maintenance of electrical system

3.1 always check whether all wires and cables are damaged. Bandage and replace the damaged parts in time

3.2 in case of overheating of the motor, stop it in time, and continue to operate after troubleshooting. The motor bearing should be well lubricated

3.3 the contact surface of each part of the brush should be kept clean, and the brush pressure should be adjusted so that the contact area is not less than 50%

3.4 all control boxes and distribution boxes shall be kept clean and the dust on electrical equipment shall be cleaned in time

3 can complete the experiments of pipe ring stiffness, ring flexibility, flattening, weld tension and so on 5 the contact opening and closing of the travel switch of each safety device must be reliable, and the contact arc pit should be polished in time

3.6 measure the protective grounding resistance twice a year (spring and Autumn) to ensure that it is not greater than 4 ohms

42. Maintenance of metal structure

4.1 try to prevent deformation and collision damage of components during transportation

4.2 during use, it must be repaired and maintained regularly to prevent corrosion

4.3 regularly check whether the structural connecting bolts, welds and components are damaged, deformed and loose

4.4 spray paint once every 1-2 years

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