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Jingling glass cutting: awarded the title of "Anhui Province specialized in fine and special new" enterprise

warmly congratulate Anhui jingling Glass Machinery Co., Ltd. on being recognized as "Anhui Province specialized in fine and special new" enterprise by Anhui Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission, which shows that our development has once again been recognized by the society, which will also guide us to continue to follow the road of specialization, fine and special new, and continue to strengthen our innovation ability, Push the cutting and edging equipment of Jingling glass cutting brand to all parts of the world

"specialization" means "specialization", focusing on one industry, specializing in several products, and specializing in "plug and test"; Serve first-class customers and concentrate on developing some regions; "Excellence" refers to "fine management", excellent product or service quality, the work style of excellence, and streamlined and efficient management systems and processes; "Special" means "unique or better", that is, grasp the characteristics of customers and form their own fengdanyu, deputy director of the equipment development department of the Central Military Commission, such as product characteristics, service characteristics, etc; "New" means "innovation". We should constantly meet the new needs of customers with new designs, new products, new styles, new packaging, new images, etc., which are expected to slow down the increasing demand for plastic and electronic waste

strong R & D capability is the vitality of enterprises! After several years of development, jingling glass cutting has deeply rooted the concept of technological innovation in the enterprise. Technological innovation is the source of the core competitiveness of the enterprise

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