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How are you going to spend this warm midsummer? Let's go to IKEA and bring back a few fresh flowers. Watering brings us irritable heat to decorate the colorful romance of summer. Action is better than heart beating. Come and see it first

Sweden has a long winter, so when summer comes and the sun shines on the earth, Swedes will celebrate the longest day of the year &mdash& mdash; Midsummer. The Midsummer Festival may have originated from an ancient agricultural custom. People in the whole village gathered to celebrate the arrival of the summer production season

on the weekend closest to June 24, relatives and friends will gather together for good wine, good food and laughter. Most businesses and enterprises will close down and rest, allowing employees to celebrate holidays

a major tradition of Midsummer Festival is to make a Midsummer Festival style and weave various wreaths. People put on wreaths and sang and danced around the style hand in hand. Everyone will gorge on fresh Swedish strawberries, pickled herring and boiled potatoes with dill and yogurt, along with elderberry drinks and various gin

Midsummer Festival also has a touch of romantic magic: it is said that if a girl puts seven different flowers under her pillow, she can dream of her future husband. Now, boys will do the same. You might as well try it and see if it works

even if it's not for the Midsummer Festival, it's a good choice to decorate your home with flowers and plants in summer, making this summer full of colorful. Next, let's take a look at the beautiful pieces that decorate the Midsummer Festival with Xiaobian

potted single branch Phalaenopsis

warm midsummer IKEA flowers and plants dotted with romantic summer

price: ¥ 34.90

size: 12cm

Product article number: 700.940.76

editor's comments: noble and beautiful Phalaenopsis decorates colorful summer, bringing noble orchid fragrance to the home. Take the beautiful Phalaenopsis home

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