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The wall surface of the room is the largest area in the room, and it is also the focus of family decoration. Among many wall decoration materials, various emulsion paints are the most widely used. So how to choose the most suitable latex paint for your family

the wall of the room is the place with the largest indoor area, and it is also the focus of family decoration. Among many wall decoration materials, various emulsion paints are the most widely used. So how to choose the most suitable latex paint for your family

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classification of emulsion paint

emulsion paint is a kind of paint made of water as the medium, aqueous solution of acrylate, etc. as the film-forming material, and adding a variety of auxiliary components. It is a kind of wall paint

emulsion paint is a water-based paint, which is mainly composed of five components: first, water; Second, lotion, which is similar to white glue, plays the role of adhesion and is the core component of latex paint; Third, pigments; Fourth, filler; Fifth, additives, such as anti foaming, anti freezing, etc. The main cost of emulsion paint consists of the second and third

according to the position of use, latex paint mainly includes two types: exterior wall paint and interior wall paint, but they are all water-based. According to gloss, it can be divided into low gloss, semi gloss, high gloss and other varieties. Among them, the film-forming material of the interior wall emulsion paint is insoluble in water, and the film has high water resistance, leaving no trace after wet scrubbing. The basic performance of exterior wall emulsion paint is similar to that of interior wall emulsion paint, but the paint film is hard and has stronger water resistance. It can also be used in high tide wet places such as toilets

★ tips

the higher the price, the better. When choosing latex paint, we should take good cost performance as the purchase standard, and choose latex paint with corresponding characteristics according to different functions of the room. For example, it is best to choose products with good mildew resistance in toilets and basements, and products with good stain resistance and scrub resistance in kitchens and bathrooms; Choosing latex paint with certain elasticity is beneficial to covering cracks and protecting the decorative effect of the wall. Because there is a very close relationship between the various properties of coating products, and even mutual constraints, for the popular multi-functional products in the market, the single performance may not be outstanding, but the comprehensive performance is generally good

characteristics of emulsion paint

(1) fast drying of film. 25° At C, the surface can be dried in 30 minutes and completely dried in 120 minutes

(2) good light and color retention. The paint film is hard, the surface is flat and comfortable

(3) convenient construction and modulation. It can be constructed on the newly constructed wet wall

(4) it is safe and non-toxic and does not pollute the environment

(5) no fire hazard. Because the coating uses water as the medium, there is no risk of fire

(6) the wall is not easy to absorb dust after use

(7) good alkali resistance. It is applied to the alkaline newly plastered walls, ceilings and concrete walls, which are not sticky and not easy to change color

★ tips

the quality of latex paint is mainly determined by the quality of lotion. However, household emulsion paint is applied strictly according to the construction method. If the quality is good, the adhesion of lotion will also fail after five years of interior paint; The adhesion of lotion of exterior wall paint will fail in about ten years. Generally, those who make latex paint will not tell you these things, so consumers should not think that painting latex paint is once and for all

purchase of latex paint

when purchasing latex paint, choose the right paint type according to your own needs, and don't blindly pursue “ Advanced ” Or greedy for cheap. We should know that the quality of paint is related to the physical and mental health of residents, and we should choose high-quality paint that meets the national standard (GB). High quality coatings have strong adhesion, good stain resistance, not easy to yellowing, and will be more tough and durable than ordinary coatings, so high-quality coatings can maintain the best appearance effect for a longer time

inspection points:

(1) first, check whether the coating has sedimentation and caking. After a period of time, the surface of authentic emulsion paint will form a thick, elastic oxide film, which is not easy to crack; The inferior products will only form a thin film, which is fragile and has a pungent smell

(2) second smell: smell the paint for odor and irritating smell. The truly environmentally friendly latex paint should be water-based, non-toxic and tasteless

(3) three wipes: brush a little paint on the cement wall, and wipe it with a wet rag after the coating is dry. The real latex paint will not have a significant impact on the coating after being brushed for one or two hundred times; However, low-grade water-soluble coatings only need to be rubbed for more than ten times, which will cause the fading phenomenon of powder falling and bottom exposure

(4) four touch: mix the emulsion paint with a wooden stick, and then pick it up with a wooden stick. When the high-quality emulsion paint flows down, it will form a fan shape. Touch with your fingers, the authentic latex paint should feel smooth and delicate

★ tips

visit more building materials supermarkets when you have time to understand the latest paint market. Purchase before holidays is more favorable. Many stores or manufacturers will choose to carry out promotional activities or launch new products before holidays. Choose the right time, you can buy latex paint that is both cheap and desirable

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