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At present, with the prevalence of the concept of Pan home, many door and window enterprises have also begun to carry out cross-border development, from single product production to multi industry chain extension, from independent brand marketing to multi category alliance marketing. With the upgrading of consumption concepts, door and window brands have begun to expand the field of Pan home by extending the industry chain and cross-border alliance marketing. However, "cross industry" marketing is a "double-edged sword", and door and window enterprises must also act cautiously. Expanding "cross industry" marketing in the Pan home field has become an important means of door and window brand

entering the Pan home industry has become a means of market expansion

for such a development trend, relevant insiders said that market demand has driven this change. Indeed, the door and window industry has been developing in recent years. In order to meet the different needs of consumers, we can customize both style and size, and expand to make other household products, which can meet the needs of consumers for one-stop shopping. Therefore, such market demand has prompted many, even more, door and window enterprises to get involved

the expansion and development of integrated home furnishings is not only because the current domestic market competition is becoming more intense and ruthless, but also because marketing means are becoming more diversified in the market competition. That is to say, the development of integrated home furnishings is also a new type of sales means, a manifestation of the progress from the previous single sales to the marketing plan. With the help of "cross-border" means, dealers extend their product lines in local building materials markets, making cross-border marketing a means to seek new opportunities and new markets

"cross industry" marketing is a "double-edged sword"

there are still many debates in the industry about the rise of "cross industry" marketing. Many brands revealed that the current stores are opening more and more, and those who do not enter the stores are afraid of losing the market and becoming "non mainstream"; As the stores bloom and bear fruit everywhere, I am worried about the suffering of the cold market. In the process of the continuous expansion of chain stores, stores and brands are jointly drawn into the war of consumption, and stores and brands are "seemingly in tune with each other", leading to market chaos. "Many enterprises choose to build their own channels, but one enterprise has too little power and can only choose to stick together in the end." The person in charge of a door and window enterprise said so

some brands believe that "cross industry" marketing is a double-edged sword. The cross industry search for dealers by door and window enterprises violates the general principles of business operation. Its most obvious weakness is to stay close and stay far away. Dealers in other industries know very little about door and window enterprises after all. This part of the industry believes that inter industry marketing ideas can be referred to each other, and sometimes they can be copied completely, but this is only a special case after all, not a universal axiom

in a word, in the pan household industry market, if door and window enterprises want to share a share in this environment, they also need to weigh the advantages and disadvantages, make strategic planning in advance, avoid risks, and work with innovative thinking. In this way, door and window enterprises can go more smoothly on the cross-border road

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