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In recent days, this newspaper has continued to pay attention to the existence of “ Shaba &rdquo& ldquo; Move hegemony ” Phenomenon. Yesterday, the heads of several decoration companies contacted our reporter and said that the report had achieved results, and some of them originally existed “ Sha Ba ” Their community has allowed them to buy materials from outside, “ Move hegemony ” The price is also lower than before. They also actively offered suggestions and suggestions according to their actual work, hoping that the decoration market would be more standardized. □ this edition of the text and pictures, our reporter

“ Sha Ba ” The existence of has damaged the interests of the owners and decoration companies

the current situation is that some residential areas have been able to purchase building materials

“ The series of reports of Quanzhou Evening News this time are very good, and many citizens applaud& rdquo; The relevant person in charge of the Quanzhou branch of Guangdong Xingyi decoration said that continuous reports have made “ Shaba &rdquo& ldquo; Move hegemony ” Have converged. However, on the 13th, he just met with some “ Sha Ba &rdquo& ldquo; Move hegemony ” The original price is still the same when checking out

“ About ‘ Shaba ’ It is a great good thing for the decoration industry in Quanzhou& rdquo; A Wei (a pseudonym), head of a decoration company in Quanzhou, said that “ Shaba &rdquo& ldquo; Move hegemony ” The decoration companies are probably the biggest beneficiaries& ldquo; We charge 2% - 3% of the total project cost from the owner as handling fee, and ‘ Move hegemony ’ The asking price of is often twice or even three times this price& rdquo; He said that after this centralized report, there were “ Sha Ba ” They have been allowed to buy sand, cement and other materials from outside. When talking about handling costs, “ Move hegemony ” Their attitude has also eased, and the offer is no longer outrageously high, only a few hundred yuan higher than the market price

the person in charge of IKEA decoration also praised the continuous reports of this newspaper for many days, “ It is hoped that through the report, all parties will pay attention to it and rectify the chaos in the decoration market together, so that the decoration market can be normalized and normalized& rdquo;

annual payment for breaking the news “ Sha Ba ” The person in charge of Star art decoration said that according to his understanding, a community “ Sha Ba ” Third hand “ Take over ” The cost of the community is as high as 2million yuan, and how to divide these costs is unknown

“ Half of the properties in our city are hired by developers, ‘ Shaba ’ As a matter of fact, everyone knows the chain of interests in the community& rdquo; He said, because “ Shaba &rdquo& ldquo; Move hegemony ” Take the decoration of about 200 houses a year as an example, the company needs to pay “ Sha Ba ” Twenty three hundred thousand yuan to complete the work smoothly& ldquo; Several of our major decoration companies have resisted collectively, but it didn't work& rdquo;

for decoration companies, they undertake house decoration work for a long time, and “ Shaba &rdquo& ldquo; Move hegemony ” Be familiar with it and be clear about “ Game rules &rdquo& ldquo; Shaba &rdquo& ldquo; Move hegemony ” Some expenses will also be appropriately reduced. However, for the owners of independent decoration, this may be a “ Nightmare ” Yes

“ ‘ Shaba ’ It is very exaggerated that a house costs more than 10000 yuan, and the normal price is only about 3500 yuan& rdquo; The person in charge of a decoration company in Quanzhou said

it is suggested to focus on standardizing the property industry

“ Decoration companies, media, owners and departments should unite and establish anti ‘ Shaba ’ Alliance& rdquo; The person in charge of Xingyi decoration said that everyone's attitude should be firm and will be hit “ Sha Ba ” Stick to it, not just a short-term blow

“ The property and developers are responsible for this situation, and should strengthen their restraint and supervision& rdquo; For example, when more than a certain number of owners complain about the existence of “ Sha Ba ” The relevant departments can punish the property company and let the property withdraw from the community

not only that, the property itself should also take action& ldquo; We should not only sign the proposal, but also make a commitment once we find ‘ Shaba ’ Then cancel the terms of the property license& rdquo; He believes that even if the property management allows a supplier to enter the community for the convenience of management, it should also sign a contract with it to limit some terms, such as the price of building materials sold cannot exceed 3% of the market price. Awei also agreed with this. He said that if a material supplier has entered the community and cannot evacuate for the time being, it can be stipulated that their asking price is slightly higher than the market price, but correspondingly, it should provide better services, obey the management of the property company, and make the owners feel convenient. At the same time, the owner is also allowed to purchase materials from outside and hire porters& ldquo; The marketization of decoration materials, rather than monopoly, can benefit all parties& rdquo;

“ The property is ‘ Shaba ’ The main revenue side of the interest chain, if it is not for the property behind the support, they can not become a climate& rdquo; Ah Wei said that therefore, standardizing the property industry should be the next focus of the relevant departments& ldquo; After all, a group of ‘ Shaba ’, Maybe another batch, or the original batch ‘ Resurgence &rsquo& rdquo; He suggested setting up a special supervision hotline, if the owner or decoration company reported “ Shaba ”, Staff should go to the scene to investigate and collect evidence. If it is proved that it has nothing to do with the property, it will be handled by the public security organ according to law; If it is proved that the property is involved, the property should be punished accordingly

“ Next, there will be new residential areas to open or deliver houses. At present, the most important thing is to ‘ Shaba ’ Strangle in the bud, and for the existing community, continue to strengthen the rectification& rdquo; Said the head of Guangdong Xingyi decoration Quanzhou branch

relevant news

Luojiang District will crack down “ Sha Ba &rdquo& ldquo; Move hegemony &rdquo

in order to implement the city's crackdown and rectification “ Sha Ba &rdquo& ldquo; Move hegemony ” In the spirit of the special action work meeting, further crack down on and rectify the jurisdiction “ Sha Ba &rdquo& ldquo; Move hegemony ” On the 14th, Luojiang District held a crackdown and rectification “ Sha Ba &rdquo& ldquo; Move hegemony ” Special action working meeting

for strike “ Two tyrants ” Special action, the meeting requires, to improve the fight “ Sha Ba &rdquo& ldquo; Move hegemony ” Work efficiency, and constantly promote work measures. The public security and housing construction departments should closely cooperate, implement hierarchical management, make every effort to create a harmonious and stable public security environment, and effectively improve the safety and satisfaction rate of the masses. We should establish and improve a long-term mechanism for special crackdown and governance, further standardize the management of property communities and market order, and maximize the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of owners. Strike “ Two tyrants ” Combine with the underworld and evil forces, pay attention to the signs, crack down on the exposed, make full use of legal means, and fundamentally eradicate “ Two tyrants ” Evil forces commit crimes. All relevant departments at all levels should, in combination with the actual situation of their jurisdictions, clarify the sense of responsibility of the departments, refine work measures one by one, determine the responsible leaders and personnel one by one, and quickly launch a crackdown on rectification “ Sha Ba &rdquo& ldquo; Move hegemony ” The climax of crime





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