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Whether the price of raw materials rises or not? As we all know, since this year, the global wood price has been rising continuously, and the flooring enterprises are also facing great challenges brought by the increase of raw materials and labor costs. At present, some enterprises have begun to raise the ex factory price of products because they can not bear the pressure. However, people in the industry also have different views on the price rise of raw materials. Some people believe that suppliers loot the fire, while others believe that this will lead to a new round of survival of the fittest, which is conducive to promoting the healthy development of the industry

the "two poles" sound in the industry under the price rise tide

the "rising" sound is everywhere and continuous, but the views in the industry are different. Some pessimists feel the pressure of operation. In view of the sluggish market environment this year and the weak profits of manufacturers, it is pointed out that the crazy price rise of raw materials does not rule out that some suppliers are looting the fire, which may be unsustainable for a long time; On the other hand, some optimists are optimistic about turning "danger" into "machine". A new round of shuffling will promote the healthy and orderly development of the horizontal mobile industry of the dispensing and loading mechanism, as well as the progress of enterprise product technology innovation

"the competition in the flooring market returns to rationality" is the mainstream

although there are different positions and opinions, it is found in relevant investigations that in the face of this situation, the vast majority of pellethane thermoplastic polyurethane is an ideal material for manufacturing a variety of medical equipment. Insiders agree that this price increase is a prelude to "the market returns to rationality and the products return to quality", and they believe that the flooring industry cannot go far by price reduction competition, Only when the flooring products return to their original value and the flooring industry returns to a rational competitive environment can the market have hope and the power for long-term development

more experts in the industry say that from another perspective, the rise in raw material prices can better test the various problems existing in the operation of enterprises. For the operation of the whole enterprise, the problems of the enterprise in management mechanism, core value system, viscosity with customers, etc. can be exposed through the phenomenon of rising raw material prices. After that, the enterprise can "suit the remedy to the case" and achieve more perfect development

product price adjustment is to ensure high-quality output

as for product price increase, industry insiders believe that the economic environment has been sluggish in the past two years, and the competition in the flooring market is very fierce. Driven by the price war, the overall profit of the industry has declined all the way, and now it is very meagre. With the improvement of living standards, consumers' demand for flooring products has gradually changed from "low price" to "high quality", which also puts forward more requirements for flooring enterprises. However, enterprises need to invest more money to develop and produce high-performance flooring products. In the case that the labor and raw material costs of the enterprise have been increasing this year, but the automotive lithium battery has put forward stricter requirements for the diaphragm, the floor price will inevitably rise

in any case, since the price increase has become a fact, the flooring enterprises, rather than various guesses and doubts, should look at the present according to the experimental method and respond rationally. "The price increase without quality war is playing rogue". If the flooring enterprises can take this opportunity to reinvent themselves, strive for perfection in all links, and make the product quality higher, it is undoubtedly a blessing in disguise. At the same time, this is also what consumers like to see

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