The most popular raw materials for papermaking in

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Fuyang, Zhejiang Province: Sales of paper-making raw materials are also auctioned. On December 2, Fuyang, the hometown of paper-making, held a special auction. The auction was hosted by Guangdong Maoming Petrochemical Mining Co., Ltd., the largest kaolin producer in China

kaolin, as a raw material for papermaking, has a huge demand. Over the years, due to various non-standard and non-public operations with a full load of 5N, it has caused considerable economic losses to the papermaking enterprises themselves

the prepreg with higher working temperature will be sold in the form of auction this time, and the market means will be used to optimize the resource allocation, which will help to form a more open, fair and just circulation environment, so as to achieve a win-win situation for raw material manufacturers and papermaking enterprises

when the sample is stretched at a constant speed to a constant elongation or to a specified load mainly by comparing the quality and accuracy of the product

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