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Ganzhou Shouxian real estate enterprise goes bankrupt: the boss owes nearly 2billion yuan and has been controlled

Ganzhou Shouxian real estate enterprise goes bankrupt: the boss owes nearly 2billion yuan and has been controlled

January 5, 2015

[China paint information] when the real estate market is bleak, the situation of small and medium-sized real estate companies is getting more difficult

on the eve of 2015, Jiangxi Ganzhou Changfa Real Estate Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Changfa real estate) and Ganzhou Yinxin Real Estate Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yinxin real estate) went bankrupt successively. The legal representatives of the two companies were the same person. Shangyou County Court and Xunwu County Court accepted the bankruptcy cases of the two companies respectively, which also became the first bankruptcy case of Ganzhou real estate company

it is learned from Ganzhou local police that Zeng Changfa, the legal representative of the two companies, has been controlled by Shangyou police on the charge of contract fraud. According to people familiar with the matter, Zeng Changfa is also suspected of illegally taking deposits from the public, evading funds and embezzling his position

at present, the construction party and the creditor have registered their creditor's rights in the court. According to the data published by the local court provided by the creditor, there are 73 creditor's rights claimants registered by Changfa real estate, with a declared amount of 267million yuan; There are 240 creditor's rights claimants of Yinxin real estate, with a declared amount of 1.693 billion yuan; The two companies have a total of 313 creditor's rights claimants, with a declared amount of 1.96 billion yuan

hundreds of millions of yuan of project funds were in arrears

in anxiety and anxiety, Wang Kai (a pseudonym) sent off 2014 and ushered in 2015

in the past two years, Wang Kai and several partners have carried out a construction project in Shangyou chamber of Commerce building, a real estate developed by Changfa real estate, and the funds advanced in two years have exceeded 30million yuan. "This property is not the first project developed by Changfa real estate. I still believe that they have been paying for the project for so long."

it was not until the end of 2014 that the Shangyou court announced the bankruptcy of Changfa real estate that Wang Kai panicked. Finally, reminded by his partners, he hurried to the court to register his creditor's rights

Shangyou chamber of Commerce building is the second building developed by Changfa real estate in Shangyou urban area. Prior to this, Changfa real estate also developed phase I and phase II of the "Seine River", and was fined 1.72 million yuan by the local construction department for exceeding the plot ratio

the construction party most in arrears is Zhejiang Urban Construction Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zhejiang Urban Construction), whose project funds and labor wages in Zeng Changfa's two real estate companies reached more than 80million yuan

on November 26, 2011, Changfa real estate signed the construction project construction contract with Zhejiang Urban Construction Co., Ltd., and then signed the supplementary agreement on the general contracting project of Shangyou chamber of Commerce building. The contract agreed that Shangyou chamber of Commerce building would be constructed by Zhejiang Urban Construction Co., Ltd. After the contract was signed, Zhejiang Urban Construction Co., Ltd. organized the construction according to the contract, and the project construction was carried out orderly and smoothly. However, the project funds that Changfa real estate should have paid according to the terms agreed in the contract have not been put in place. When the construction unit completed 50million yuan of project quantities, Changfa real estate paid only 17.84 million yuan and still owes 34.52 million yuan

avoid interference to the instrument

in addition, according to the creditor's rights registration information, Yinxin real estate reported the project funds and labor wages owed by Zhejiang Urban Construction as high as 50million yuan in the Xunwu Yinhe Bay project

the two real estate companies under Zeng Changfa's name have defaulted on the project funds. In addition to the large orders of tens of millions, there are many small orders ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions of yuan. On december10,2012, a laborer surnamed Wang and his colleagues with more than 30 people entered the site to work, responsible for the exterior wall decoration of the project. During this period, they have been working intermittently for 10 months and have been suspended since then

he said that Yinxin real estate did not pay the project funds and labor wages in time as stipulated in the contract. The originally agreed project phase I, phase II and phase III exterior wall decoration works only completed the first two phases of the project (about 2.4 million yuan), and only 1.93 million yuan was paid for the acceptance, and hundreds of thousands of yuan were still owed. I don't know when it will be paid. According to his information, the original contract of this project has not been terminated and has now been subcontracted to others

it can be seen from the records of creditor's rights declaration information that the phenomenon of defaulting labor wages of the same nature can be found everywhere in the two real estate development projects, ranging from hundreds of thousands to tens of millions

multi selling of one house is suspected of fraud

according to the industrial and commercial data, Changfa real estate was established in September2007, registered in Shangyou County, with a registered capital of RMB 2003 million; Yinxin real estate was established in february2011, with its registered address in Xunwu County and a registered capital of 30million yuan. The legal representatives of both companies are Zeng Changfa

in the special audit report of the accounting firm, the reasons for the bankruptcy of the two companies were summarized as follows: in the process of project development, there was insufficient self owned assets, a large number of special stretching attachments were allocated for private financing, coupled with the long development cycle and high financing cost, resulting in the project payment in arrears, the due debts could not be paid off, and the funds were insufficient to pay off all debts

according to the audit report, the company carried out a large number of private financing, some of which were financed by Zeng Changfa at a monthly interest rate of 2 points, and the company guaranteed them; The other part is that the company borrows from the public and uses the company's commercial housing as collateral

a Mr. Liu in Nankang District, Ganzhou City told him that he worked in a chamber of Commerce in Ganzhou. At that time, he was introduced to Zeng Changfa by a friend. He learned that he had a building in Shangyou chamber of Commerce, so he paid RMB 2million in cash to Zeng Changfa to better detect the failure of the experimental machine, subscribed for an office building, and signed relevant agreements. Who knows, Zeng Changfa even gave the house to a creditor surnamed Shu

Liuwen (a pseudonym) in Zhanggong District, Ganzhou City is also one of the creditors of Changfa real estate. Zeng Changfa signed a contract with him, agreeing to use a total of 8 houses on the 18th floor of the apartment of Building 2 of the chamber of Commerce as collateral, and borrowed 1million yuan from him. Later, he went to the scene to look for the mortgage target house and found that there was no floor sign on the 18th floor at all. He went to the housing management office to check the registration. There was no information registration on the 18th floor, only the 19A floor. The registration data on this floor showed that this kind of equipment belonged to the hydraulic force increasing method, and the house had been mortgaged under the name of another person

Liu Wen said that Zeng Changfa fabricated facts and information, and the act of borrowing money from him is no longer a simple economic dispute

the creditor's right registration information shows that "more than one house is sold, more than one house is paid". In Shangyou chamber of Commerce building, it has become a "disaster area". 155 houses have been sold to owners and signed house purchase contracts with loan creditors

it is learned from Ganzhou Shangyou court that some owners have sued Changfa real estate for disputes over commercial housing sales contracts, and Shangyou rural credit cooperative association has sued Changfa real estate for disputes over loan contracts, but has not reported the amount involved

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