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Fali property market de stocking state managed provident fund for the second time in the year

fali property market de stocking state managed provident fund for the second time in the year


[China paint information] recently, it was learned from the central state machinery, including the housing fund management center for fabrics and adhesives, that the state managed provident fund loan policy was loosened again. According to the new regulations, if an employee applies for a loan to purchase the first self provided housing for the elderly, which is a minority product, he will no longer consider whether he has withdrawn the housing provident fund in the past year; In addition, when calculating the loan amount, the balance of individual housing provident fund account less than 70000 yuan shall be calculated as 70000 yuan. In addition, the new regulations also mentioned that employees of central units with registered residence in Beijing who have paid housing provident fund in other places can apply for loans if they buy their first self occupied house in Beijing. The new deal will be implemented from November 12

"the implementation of the new regulations is undoubtedly great good news for employees who have just started work and have a low monthly provident fund deposit." Sunyan, an analyst at zhuochuang information, said in an interview

it is reported that in March this year, the loan policy of the state managed provident fund was relaxed once. The original personal account balance of less than 20000 yuan was calculated as 20000 yuan, and the personal account balance of less than 50000 yuan was adjusted as 50000 yuan. However, the premise is that the loan applicant purchases the first self occupied house, and the housing provident fund has not been withdrawn within one year before the acceptance of the loan

Sunyan said that the relaxation of the state managed provident fund loan policy is conducive to further playing the role of the policy of "maintaining the basic and just needs" of housing provident fund personal loans. And supporting the demand for self occupied and improved housing for employees who pay in will directly benefit the real estate industry

"to give more loan lines and encourage the corresponding house purchasing groups to actively use the provident fund policy to purchase houses is of great significance to stimulate the real estate market." Yanyuejin, research director of the think tank center of E-House Research Institute, said in an interview

yanyuejin said that, first of all, this move can enable qualified buyers to enter the market in time. Secondly, it can reduce the purchase cost of relevant public officials, which is conducive to the protection of the housing needs of such groups. Finally, it can also enhance employees' trust in provident fund payment, which is in line with the original intention of provident fund policy formulation

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