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Investment in China's chemical industry soared against the trend

although the entire petrochemical industry is still operating at a low level, the investment impulse of capital to the chemical industry remains unabated

fengshiliang, Deputy Secretary General of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association, told, "from January to July, the fixed asset investment in the national petrochemical industry was 515.08 billion yuan, an increase of 13.51% year-on-year, and the growth rate was 21.98 percentage points lower than the same period last year (35.49%). However, the investment growth in the chemical industry was still strong, an increase of 29.71% compared with 259.48 billion yuan in the same period last year, reaching 336.57 billion yuan."

it is worth noting that although the production capacity of most bulk chemical products such as chemical fertilizers, pesticides, basic chemical raw materials and rubber products in China is relatively surplus and needs to rely on the international market to balance demand, the investment growth is still rapid

from January to July, the growth rate of investment in inorganic acids, fertilizers, pesticides, rubber products and other products still reached 43.37%, 36.23%, 40.66% and 38.18% respectively, and the growth rate of phosphate fertilizer industry reached 97.12%, which was 4.18 billion yuan, while the same period last year was only 2.12 billion yuan

behind the counter trend surge in investment in the chemical industry is the relevant plans with similar features in all provinces

Feng Shiliang pointed out that after the State Council issued the "petrochemical industry adjustment and revitalization plan", more than a dozen provinces that have officially announced the "revitalization plan" in this region 4 In terms of the computer market, in the three-year revitalization plan, some provinces alone have planned 12million tons of methanol, 6million tons of urea and 8million tons of urea; PVC has two provinces planning 3million tons each, and two provinces planning 2million tons each; Some provinces have planned 4million tons of soda ash, etc

"according to this plan, the relative excess production capacity of some products in the future will boost the new output value of the industry by more than 100million yuan. The remaining problems can not be solved, and the year-on-year growth of 10% to 20% will further intensify." Feng Shiliang said

although capital has been pouring in on a large scale, the domestic chemical industry has not yet fully walked out of the dilemma

according to the analysis report of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association, from January to July, the output value of the chemical industry fell by 0.2% year-on-year, but it still failed to get out of the negative growth situation as expected, and the speed of stabilization and recovery was relatively slow

in fact, since July, the operation trend of the three major industries of oil and gas exploitation, oil refining and chemical industry has been significantly differentiated, and China's plastic extruder market has also made considerable progress and breakthroughs

Feng Shiliang believes that the differentiation of production and price trend is the main reason for the differentiation of output value trend of the three industries

"In terms of production, in July, the production of energy products such as crude oil and refined oil increased comprehensively, while the production of chemical products was greatly affected by seasonal factors, and the output of most products decreased. As most chemical enterprises entered the maintenance period in July, the output of most chemical products fell in July. Compared with June, the output of pesticides, sulfuric acid, methanol, etc. decreased by 19.53%, 12.12%, 7.77% respectively, only ethylene, caustic soda, polyethylene The output of a few products such as polypropylene increased. " Feng pointed out

in addition, from the perspective of price, due to the impact of the rising international oil price again and the domestic increase in the price of refined oil, the prices of domestic crude oil, refined oil and its sub products increased month on month in July. Among the 1046 chemical product price indexes, only 39% increased month on month, and more than 60% of the products with decreased or unchanged month on month prices

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