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In 2017, Shanxi electric power construction investment was nearly 10 billion yuan

in 2017, Shanxi electric power is expected to invest 9.88 billion yuan to build power in the province, and fully build a 500 kV "three vertical and four horizontal" provincial backbone. Among them, 93 new projects of 35 kV and above have been started, with a line length of 2322.28 kilometers and a substation capacity of 12.213 million KVA. All new projects have reached the standard of high-quality projects

last year, Shanxi electric power construction set off a new upsurge, and the completion rate of key project construction investment ranked first among the ten major fields in the province. The 500 kV "West passage" and Pinglu power transmission and transformation projects in Shanxi Province were put into operation three months in advance, and the "one delivery and one delivery" (1000 kV Mengxi Jinbei Tianjin South, ± 800 kV Lingzhou Shaoxing) was successfully put into operation and completed, "One AC and two DC" (1000 kV Yuheng Jinzhong Weifang, ± 800 kV Jinbei Jiangsu, shanghaimiao Shandong) lines are basically connected, and Shanxi power is about to enter a new era of large-scale electricity with the limit requirements and further tightening of UHV AC/DC hybrid connection

in 2017, Shanxi electric power will continue to strengthen standardized management, optimize the timing of project construction, further improve the reliability of the project, pay attention to the control of key links, and continue to improve the quality of the project. At the same time, the company will fully and actively cooperate with the government departments to improve the efficiency of land acquisition and demolition, channel cleaning, environmental impact assessment and water and soil conservation, and ensure that the 500 kV Tongmei Yanggao power plant, Shuonan power plant, Yu county and re printing power plant should focus on the inspection of the transmission project of the tension machine amplifier unit and the 220 kV Jincheng goldsmith, Jinzhong Taigu, Changzhi Nantou, Yuncheng Xia County substations to be put into operation within the year, and strive to strive for the length of the lines put into operation in the first half of the year The substation capacity reached 84% and 71% of the annual production plan respectively, meeting the requirements for the establishment and production of Pingdingshan Guoneng on September 22 this year, and completing all power construction tasks of the year in a safe and high-quality manner

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