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China's manufacturing investment fever

Shenyin Wanguo released a series of export recovery reports on the 11th. The tenth of the electronic universal testing machine pointed out that to meet the export recovery and invest in China's manufacturing industry, the details are as follows:

it is recommended to buy China's manufacturing industry under the background of export recovery. Shenyin Wanguo believes that China will usher in export recovery, and relevant beneficiary industries will show investment opportunities. Shenyin Wanguo recommends the communication equipment industry: ZTE, Zhongtian Technology, Hengtong optoelectronics; The construction machinery bank drives 100000 people to obtain employment. Shenyin Wanguo recommends Shantui Co., Ltd., XCMG technology, Zoomlion Heavy Industry and Sany Heavy Industry; Recommended by Shenyin Wanguo in electronic components industry: Shengyi technology, Han nationality laser, Goethe acoustics, Changdian technology, ultrasonic electronics, Huatian technology; Shenyin Wanguo recommended Yutong Bus and Fuyao Glass for the automobile and auto parts industry; Home appliances and related industries Shenyin Wanguo recommends SUPOR and Wolong Electric

Shenyin Wanguo is full of confidence in the overall recovery of China's exports. Shenyin Wanguo believes that the external environment for China's exports is gradually improving: the U.S. economy has sent a signal of recovery, and the economies of developed countries such as Europe and Japan will also recover with the recovery of the U.S. economy, while the developing resource countries are supported by the stability of commodity prices, and their economies are gradually recovering. On the other hand, processing trade, which accounts for about half of China's foreign economic trade, also shows signs of recovery. Shenyin Wanguo believes that China's exports will recover with the support of the government's long-term export preferential policies

construction machinery industry: China's construction machinery is mainly exported to developing resource countries and has product competitiveness in this market. Maintaining high commodity prices will support the consumption of imported construction machinery in resource countries. It is recommended that companies sensitive to the export of resource countries, such as Shantui, XCMG technology, Zoomlion and Sany Heavy Industry, are usually provided with such functions

electronic components industry: the demand for electronic products mainly for renewal is excessively suppressed. Once the economy recovers, the demand will be released to usher in the industry boom. It is expected that the sales of electronic products will hit the bottom in 2009 and resume growth in 2010. Recommend strong cyclical varieties that are sensitive to the industry boom and stable growth varieties that benefit from export recovery

automobile and auto parts industry: Shenyin Wanguo judged that it was impossible for customers to only pay attention to overall quality. Car exports bottomed in the first half of the year and showed signs of recovery in May and June; Limited by purchasing power, large and medium-sized customers produced in China have become mainstream products of consumer countries, with huge export space. Recommend Yutong Bus, the industry leader, and Fuyao Glass, which is driven by the U.S. economic recovery

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