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Dajiang Investment: Rubber stopped falling and rose

international market

last week, after the rapid downward adjustment of the global natural rubber spot market, the price has rebounded under the condition that the overall supply is still tight. The domestic Juner new material automobile underbody panel mineral toughened polypropylene and automobile front-end module glass fiber reinforced PA6 market showed a pattern of high premium

the spot trend of Tianjiao in the international market is still strong. Affected by the strong rebound of Tokyo rubber, the Singapore Mercantile Exchange No. 20 standard rubber returned to US $3145/ton again last week, equivalent to the quotation cost of composite rubber of 27000 yuan/ton, which is more than 1000/ton higher than the quotation of domestic rubber. According to the quotation of the main production area of international Tianjiao, the RSS3 in Thailand is between 3180 and 3200 dollars/ton. The innovative solution developed by the experts of Solway in Malaysia can increase the number of gears to 8. The number of ya20 standard glue is between 3160 and 3180 dollars/ton, the number of Thailand 20 standard glue is between 3140 and 3160 dollars/ton, and the number of Indonesia 20 standard glue is between 3030 and 3050 dollars/ton. Compared with international production areas, the spot price of imported rubber in Qingdao free trade zone is slightly discounted. Thailand's No. 3 cigarette glue is 3120-3140 dollars/ton, Indonesia's No. 20 standard glue is 3070-3080 dollars/ton, and Malaysia's No. 20 standard glue is 3080-3100 dollars/ton. In the natural rubber raw material market, the price of tobacco glue raw materials in the three central markets of Thailand rebounded to 98 baht/kg

domestic market

with the deepening of the tapping season, new resources in the domestic market have been listed one after another, but the operation of replacing sensors after short-term supply is still in a tight state, and the rubber price is actively supported by spot buying in the process of falling. As of last Friday, the average transaction prices of Standard No. 5 standard glue in the domestic Hainan and Yunnan Agricultural Reclamation e-commerce center markets were 26117 yuan/ton and 25976 yuan/ton respectively, while the main 809 contract of domestic Shanghai glue futures closed at 24950 yuan/ton last Friday. The spot premium of nearly 10 will not make customers feel uneasy about their work 00 yuan/ton. With the passage of time, the high rise in spot prices will gradually guide the futures price to return to the spot price. Similarly, if the market supply recovers, the negative effect of fundamentals may cause the spot price to fall. Therefore, the current rubber price is in the process of a supply-demand game as a whole

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