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Heidelberg invests in Qingpu Industrial Zone

Qingpu Industrial Zone welcomes a new round of investment fever from Chinese and foreign merchants. This news dissects a sparrow, but it transmits a strong signal, which is worthy of our attention; It shows an important trend, which we must firmly grasp

on the one hand, the contraction of foreign markets caused by the international financial crisis continues. This trough has prompted foreign capital to reshuffle, and there is an urgent need to find a new way out and investment direction; On the other hand, China's economic stimulus policy has led to the first step out of the "V" and the new huge market formed by China's expansion of domestic demand, which is deeply favored by a large number of foreign-funded enterprises. In this situation, we are very likely to usher in a new round of foreign investment boom. The key lies in whether we are accurate and ready

opportunities are rare. We must not make the biggest mistake of losing opportunities. We should have a keen eye and wise thinking, and be good at discovering and capturing opportunities in danger from the trend of the financial crisis and the trend of foreign capital. We must not be insensitive, unresponsive, or lose good opportunities. We must not lose our sensitivity to major economic signals. The universal testing machine has some requirements for plastics

the signal is strong, so we must make full preparations. If we want to make adjustments in opening up, we should take the introduction of high-quality foreign capital as an important part of structural adjustment. On the one hand, we should pay close attention to attracting investment, and our eyes should not be limited to the top 500. 3. The problem of standard configuration should focus on those innovative enterprises with good growth and prospects. On the other hand, we should implement the reform of the examination and approval system of major projects, improve the service level, and make the investment environment better, better and more humanized. Only in this way can we turn opportunities into reality and advantages into victories

today, Qingpu Industrial Park ushered in a new round of investment boom. Thirteen industrial projects with high technological content and strong driving force, such as West's medicine, HMP, Meirui industry and Jiaheng medical, have been signed and settled in Qingpu Industrial Park, with a total investment of 3 billion yuan. At the same time, 18 major industrial projects, such as Kyushu pharmaceutical, anxinwei displacement measurement resolution: 0.005mm light, Haihua photoelectric materials, were also launched on the same day

the international financial crisis once slowed down the pace of investment by merchants. However, the curve of China's economic stabilization and recovery has dispelled the shadow of cage in the hearts of merchants, who have not hesitated to speed up investment and settlement since the second half of the year. Schlumberger, which will start construction this month, is a US funded enterprise specializing in the production of oil exploration equipment. It settled in the park in 2006. Due to the financial crisis and the decline in oil prices, the expansion of the company has been waiting to see. Attracted by China's eight win guarantee, the company resolutely invested an additional US $120million in the second half of this year and dispatched nearly 500 scientific researchers to Qingpu, striving to build the parent company's largest R & D, production and sales center in the Asia Pacific. George mattoni, general manager of West Pharmaceutical Packaging (China) Co., Ltd., said that West Pharmaceutical has 50 operating locations in the world. The company is full of confidence in the Chinese market. Especially after seeing the stabilization and recovery of China's economy, it is more determined to increase investment and expand production in Qingpu. After the plastic packaging plant was put into operation in the fourth quarter of this year, it will continue to invest in the construction of a new rubber packaging plant

from hesitation to no hesitation, it also comes from the good situation of the enterprise's own development. Many high-quality foreign-invested enterprises have tasted the benefits of seeking opportunities in the crisis. Heidelberg, the world's leading printing machinery company, set up its first investment enterprise in Qingpu. At the end of last year, the world economy was in a gray. It boldly promoted the construction of phase III and IV projects. At present, the sales volume of products in the Chinese market has increased from less than 10% to 45% in the world. Hitachi Elevator and Asiatic paint began to stabilize and recover in the middle of the year, and orders continued in the second half of the year, overwhelmed. Thanks to China's huge automobile consumption market, Oufei automobile filter element company has already stepped out of the downward channel, and its sales volume has increased month by month since May. This year's global annual meeting of the company will also be held in Shanghai

it is understood that Qingpu District has listed five major industries such as biomedicine, electronic information, new materials, equipment photoelectric integration, software services as key high-tech industries, and the life science industrial park has been listed as one of the six major bases in the city. Among the 18 projects started, Haihua optoelectronics is the most eye-catching manufacturer of new materials and new energy development, filling the gap in the domestic industry

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