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Made in Germany once again entered the "2011 China International color box Exhibition"

the 2011 China International color box Exhibition (sinofoldingcarton 2011), which was grandly held at the China International Exhibition Center (old museum) in Beijing from July 6 to 8, 2011, is in line with the trend of enterprises going north. In order to better meet the development needs of northern color box packaging and printing enterprises, 2011 China International color box exhibition is based on the northern market, It radiates to the three provinces in Northeast China, Northwest China and other emerging development areas, and works with many well-known color box equipment suppliers and consumables manufacturers to jointly perform the annual event of the color box industry

Baumer HHS, which aims to pursue the stable quality made in Germany, will also appear at the 2011 China International color box exhibition again this time. In this exhibition, Baumer HHS will display a series of products used in the box pasting machine, from the economical cold glue and hot melt glue spraying system to the quality inspection system used in high-speed and high-quality medicine bags

The products of Baumer HHS are designed to help printing and packaging manufacturers improve production efficiency, reduce costs and protect the environment. Through the automatic glue spraying system of HHS, the products are no longer limited by the traditional glue wheels, and can be glued flexibly. Without the national trust, high-performance electromechanical cooperation with the corresponding mechanical mechanism, it can also achieve linear motion, rotary motion, reciprocating vibration and other motion modes. The Information Sharing Economic Research Center released the "Research Report on sharing the employment of the bicycle industry". On whether to spray glue continuously or intermittently, whether to need glue points or glue lines, HHS can accurately meet your requirements. The fully enclosed design of the system makes the cleaning and maintenance work very simple, and the graphical operation also allows you to easily complete the replacement of the box type with a few buttons

in just four years since entering China, HHS China team has won more and more customers through their efforts. Recently, in Shanghai, Xinzhou company joined hands with boster again to install a set of HHS high-end intelligent detection system on the media120 box pasting machine, with bar code detection and automatic elimination functions. Make it easier to design boards and cards, and customers can achieve 100% product assurance

According to HHS, there is still much room for development in the printing industry, especially in the degree of automation of equipment. Due to the rising labor cost, more and more enterprises will choose fully automatic and efficient equipment. Moreover, in terms of quality inspection, more and more customers are aware of the importance of quality of products that are produced but still flexible. Through HHS's quality inspection system, whether it's glue spraying and gluing error, bar code error, paper stacking and feeding, or orientation error, we can automatically eliminate the wrong cartons while the machine is running at high speed through our automatic elimination system. Ensure 100% correctness of your product

for participating in the 2011 China International color box exhibition, HHS hopes to let more customers know about the company's products through this exhibition, and hope that more customers choose our products. Because through our glue spraying system and quality inspection system, you can always stand in front of your competitors

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