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The normal maintenance of Maggie automobile suspension torsion bar spring fatigue testing machine plays a very important role in the service life of the machine. Torsion bar spring automobile suspension plays a guiding, transmitting and cushioning role. We will hold an online retailer conference to see how to generate income in the current epidemic situation

Maggie online retailer conference to see how to generate income in the current epidemic situation

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on March 13, Chongqing langu dealers organized a Maggie retailer conference, The first live broadcast received the full support of MAGGIS factory and attracted more than 2000 store customers. Mr. Jiang Zhiwei, the marketing director of MAGGIS tire, explained in detail the factory's policy support to dealers and retailers before and after the epidemic, especially what we should learn from it behind the epidemic? It is hoped that more retailers will actively respond and tide over the difficulties

understanding products is the basis for doing a good business. The meeting also explained the latest accessories of MAGGIS, the ordering method of online app and the tire support tool - Anxin. The team carried out 7 experiments that require regular liquidation, in which 5 times the breaking load was close to 50 tons. At the same time, it carried out online promotion activities, and said that it would vigorously promote online app, Anxin run and other projects to improve the efficiency of market promotion

at the moment of live broadcast, it is also said that retailers are facing a situation that has to be changed. Products and marketing are more competitive only when they keep up with the times. They will make up the difference in full for the falling prices of dealers and stores, providing a solid guarantee for dealers and stores The factory has also provided care and support for dealers' online meeting policies. Help store tires sell well

regardless of the epidemic, traditional stores face challenges in all aspects. MAGGIS provides stores with genuine preferential tires, as well as marketing training, technical training, and product training, so that store owners can make money, can make money, and can make money. We hope to create brilliance together with store owners in the face of difficulties

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