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Made in China 2025 research bank beat "China core" on high-speed rail

made in China 2025 research bank beat "China core" on high-speed rail

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recently, the 8-inch IGBT (insulated gate bipolar transistor) high-speed rail control system developed by CRRC Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Research Institute successfully won the bid in the Indian locomotive market. This is the first time that China's high-speed rail equipment core components have received overseas batch orders

as a new generation of power semiconductor devices, the technical conditions of high-strength large hexagon head bolts, large hexagon nuts and gaskets for steel structures gb/t1228 ~ 1231-91igbt is internationally recognized as the most representative product of the third revolution in power electronics technology. "Generally speaking, IGBT chip is the core power heart of high-speed rail train, similar to CPU chip in." Said Shang Jing, chief engineer of times electric, a subsidiary of CRRC Zhuzhou Institute

"CRRC Zhuzhou Institute has been developing high-power semiconductor devices since 1964." Shang Jing said. With the wide application of AC drive technology in rail transit, IGBT has become the mainstream high-power switching device. However, at that time, IGBT technology and products were monopolized by a few foreign companies, and the high-voltage IGBT required in the field of rail transit applications all depended on imports. In 2006, CRRC Zhuzhou Institute began to plan IGBT technology research

the turning point occurred in 2008. CRRC Zhuzhou Times Electric successfully acquired dannix Corporation of the United Kingdom and introduced the production technology of dannix 6-inch IGBT

"the goal of acquiring dannix is to realize the full localization of IGBT." Liu Guoyou, deputy general manager of CRRC Zhuzhou Times Electric, said. At this time, there are two different voices: one is to adhere to the original copy of the dannix 6-inch IGBT production line to China and realize industrialization as soon as possible; One believes that the technology should be upgraded and a more advanced 8-inch IGBT production line should be built

"most people advocate moving the 6-inch line intact. Researchers tested the metal coated and uncoated samples of the material reinforced with carbon fiber." Liu Guoyou said that this time, CRRC Zhuzhou Institute overcame the consensus and proposed that the new industrial base should be based on dannix technology, but not limited to this, and should fully absorb the achievements of IGBT technological innovation and development

in May 2011, CRRC Zhuzhou Institute invested about 1.6 billion yuan to build the first 8-inch IGBT chip production base in China; In June 2014, the production line was completed and put into operation, which is the second 8-inch IGBT professional chip production line in the world. In November, the modules equipped with the first batch of independent 8-inch IGBT chips were successfully operated in Kunming subway, Yunnan Province. The 8-inch IGBT chips independently developed and produced by CRRC Zhuzhou Institute broke the monopoly of high-end IGBT technology at home and abroad, and achieved complete localization from R & D, manufacturing to application

more importantly, "the success of the research and development of IGBT chips means that 'China core' with China's completely independent intellectual property rights will be installed on the high-speed rail manufactured according to Chinese standards." Shang Jing introduced that CRRC Zhuzhou Research Institute has also become the only enterprise in China that has a comprehensive grasp of the power system of high-speed rail, and it can only be tensile damage, not impact damage

it is understood that the total scientific research investment of CRRC Zhuzhou Institute in recent three years has exceeded 5.7 billion yuan, and the innovation investment has had an immediate impact on the growth of enterprise benefits, with revenue and profit growth of more than 20% for three consecutive years

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