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Maersk composite materials China Co., Ltd. was founded in Guangdong

recently, Maersk Container Industry Co., Ltd. signed a joint venture cooperation agreement with the Asian emerging group for the R & D department, starting from the two directions of complete function and simple use. From 2012, it will replace wood with plastic and produce recyclable container floors for 200000 containers every year. The new joint venture company, named Maersk composites China Co., Ltd., is located in Huidong County, Guangdong Province, about 100 kilometers away from Maersk Container Industry Co., Ltd., which produces dry containers with a thickness of 80 10mm from the sample of the East Plastic simply supported beam impact tester. Peter, CEO of Maersk Container Industry Co., Ltd. Mr. Peter nymand attended the signing ceremony. He stressed the importance of producing composite materials in China, He said, "our new wood plastic composite (WPC) The production of waste plastics provides opportunities for the collection and recycling of local waste plastics. Using non wood materials to make container floors can protect forest resources, which is also the leading method to reduce wood consumption on a large scale. In addition, we can also help local communities continuously improve their environmental performance. The investment in the new plant will also create 250 to 300 jobs for local residents. "

a.p. Muller Maersk Group's shipping company launched a new policy this year, announcing that all containers purchased from January 2011 must use wood harvested by formal forestry (certified by the forest management committee) or floors made of non wood alternative materials (such as bamboo and recyclable plastics). Maersk composite uses an innovative laminated silicon fiber material to create B-side and palm rest materials of white woven materials. China Co., Ltd. came into being in this environment. Through years of research and development, Maersk Container Industry Co., Ltd. has developed new WPC materials and opened a factory to produce wood plastic composite flooring to meet the needs of its customers. Maersk composites China Co., Ltd. has an annual design output of more than 50000 tons, and its annual turnover is expected to exceed 30million US dollars. The plant is expected to be put into operation in August

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