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"Made in China" makes the best of Rio Olympic Games

the 31st Summer Olympic Games, also known as 2 impurities in oil will gradually increase. The 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from August 5 to 21, 2016. The 31st Summer Olympic Games, also known as the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games, was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from August 5 to 21, 2016. At present. The Olympic Games are in full swing. Chinese Olympic athletes also showed extraordinary style in this Olympic Games

although the Olympic Games will be held in distant Brazil, what are the current development trends of plastic packaging materials used in the food industry? Let's take a look at a few cases, but the eyeful of made in China will make you feel more cordial. When the Chinese delegation competed for gold and silver in Rio, make in China also became the highlight of the Olympic Games. From souvenir shirts, mascots, national flags and other primary products; From high-tech rail transit, security inspection equipment, competition equipment, venue construction and other advanced products, made in China, which are everywhere, will blow a Chinese wind in Rio

clothes: all of them are Chinese brands

Chinese enterprises have provided a complete set of professional Olympic costumes for technical officials, medical personnel, game service personnel and other staff of the Rio Olympic Games, the Paralympic Games and all test events

play: auspicious logistics carries Chinese blood

the mascot of the Olympic Games, venezius, is one of the most popular commodities, but its birthplace is not Rio, but Yiwu, China

food: all Chinese bowls are used

in the Olympic venues, the tableware used comes from a high-tech company in Wuhan. This company uses straw, bamboo powder, plant starch and other renewable raw materials to produce biodegradable plastic products, which have become the designated supplies for the Olympic Games. The valve is electrified with electromagnetic iron

live: all live in Chinese buildings

behind the construction of facilities such as the Olympic Village and the main Olympic venues, it is also inseparable from the presence of Chinese machinery. Previously, the signs of Chinese enterprises could be seen everywhere on the construction site of the main Olympic venues

OK: all the passengers are Chinese cars

Rio Metro Line 4, known as the Olympic subway, is the largest infrastructure project invested in this Olympic Games. The 90 trains running on this line are all made in China. In addition to line 4, trains made in China account for 60% of the Rio Olympic dedicated line

air conditioning: it's all Chinese style

in this Olympic Games, China's air conditioning enterprises will provide central air conditioning equipment for up to 24 competition venues, including international broadcasting center, center, media office, media Hotel and other off-site facilities

service: 200 volunteers are from China

the Rio Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games has recruited more than 50000 volunteers worldwide this time, and 200 volunteers from China. This major progress has been published in the latest issue of advanced materials. These volunteers are not paid at all

safety: security inspection equipment escort

throughout the Olympic Games, the dazzling X-ray security inspection equipment and video monitoring products are mainly provided by Chinese manufacturers, and more than 200 security inspection equipment imported from China escort the Olympic Games

equipment: some equipment are made in China

in the Olympic Games, volleyball columns, referee chairs and weight lifting equipment are all Chinese products, breaking the monopoly of foreign sports equipment brands on volleyball and weight lifting competitions

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