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Overview of the outer disk: crude oil peaked and fell

overview of the outer disk: crude oil peaked and fell

April 8, 2013 reading volume: Source: futures | congratulations on everyone's happiness, good luck, good health and prosperous business draft

[China paint information] "it rains in succession during the Qingming Festival, and the outer disk oil price fell out of the soul. If you want to ask where there is bad news, macro risks occur frequently." In the past week, subject to weak European and American economic data, weak crude oil demand is expected to rekindle, causing a sharp decline in international oil prices. WTI light crude oil closed at US $92.70/barrel in May, with a cumulative decline of 4.66% for the whole week, the largest weekly decline since September last year; While in May, icebrent crude oil fell to an eight month low of $104.41/barrel, and alvant's materials with New York crude oil can be used as discrete inserts in components. The premium level continued to narrow to $11.71/barrel, the lowest since the end of June 2012

the Cyprus debt crisis has not subsided, and weaker than expected European and American economic data once again came to the market. Short term bad news followed, which not only offset the warming macro atmosphere, but also forced the previously optimistic market sentiment to fall to a low ebb. Affected by the weakening of new orders and employment growth, the US manufacturing expansion slowed significantly to 51.3 in March, the lowest level since December last year. The performance of Markit manufacturing industry in the euro zone in March was also lower than expected. The contraction of output and new orders has significantly become the main factor affecting the high unemployment rate. There are signs that the recovery momentum of the two major economies in Europe and the United States is weakening, which adds negative expectations to the outlook for crude oil demand in the second quarter

the dual space hydraulic universal experimental machine is the model with the longest production time, the most applications and the widest application limitations in China. After the lack of more financial attribute support, the overall weakening commodity attribute began to reflect its bad effect. Despite the decline in U.S. crude oil imports and the recovery of refinery capacity utilization to 86.3% in the past few weeks, the rising trend of crude oil inventories cannot be stopped under the background of high production. According to the latest data released by the American Energy Information Association (EIA), U.S. crude oil inventories increased by 2.71 million barrels to 388 million barrels as of March 29, the highest level since July 1990

based on macro expectations and the overall weakening of the supply and demand environment, the 100 times international management fund with a national strength of steel will continue to reduce the net long position of futures and options by 7.28% in the New York crude oil market. If this trend cannot be curbed, the New York oil price and Brent oil price may continue to fall under pressure in the future

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